Religious diversity and secular school: an ethnographic study on the (re)cognition of Islam at the school context, in Lisbon and Barcelona

Principal researcher: Laura Almodovar

Research group: Circulation and Place-Making


Religion | Secularisms | Global Citizenship | Cultural Diversity | Muslims in Europe



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The discussions on the presence of religion in school education mirror tensions that run through the whole of society. In Portugal and Spain, the deep roots of the Catholic Church and the progressively secular scenario compete in this dispute. In the context of religious diversity, the Muslim population has embodied with clarity the moral panic associated with distinctive beliefs perceived as threatening Western values. The school, as the primary vehicle for producing citizens, becomes a battleground between ideas and values. The core concern of this project is to understand: how does the school of secular heritage recognize and relate to religious diversity and Islam in a multicultural context? Through a comparative study between educational contexts in Lisbon and Barcelona, it is intended to deepen the knowledge about the relationship between secular education with religion and religious pluralism, particularly with Islam, through a terrain little approached ethnographically - the school.


Alberto López Bargados (Universitat de Barcelona)

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José Mapril

Circulation and Place-Making