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O Patrimônio e a Memória da Ditadura Civil-Militar Brasileira o reflexo do PNDH-3 no legislativo municipal de Porto Alegre e o caso da Avenida Castelo Branco

Vedana, Angélica. Ofícios de Clio. 173 - 186. 13. 7. 2023. . Published

Journal article

A Concepção de Lugar Sagrado: o caso da comunidade paraense Alvorecer da Esperança

Rodrigues, Donizete; Pimentel, Gracileno . Nupem. 69 - 109. 34. 15. 2023. Published

Journal article

antropologias, artes e políticas (no prelo)

Raposo, P.; Grunvald, V.; Sansi, R.. Horizontes de Antropologia. 67. 2023. https://seer.ufrgs.br/index.php/horizontesantropologicos/announcement/view/1546 . Published

Book chapter

Acting on what we have learned and moving forward with skeletal behaviour

Gilmour, Rebecca J.; Plomp, Kimberly A.; Alves-Cardoso, Francisca. Behaviour in Our Bones. Elsevier. San Diego, United States. 2023. Published

Book chapter

Skeletons in action: Inferring behaviour from our bones

Plomp, Kimberly A.; Gilmour, Rebecca J.; Alves-Cardoso, Francisca. Behaviour in Our Bones. Elsevier. San Diego, United States. 2023. Published

Journal article

Exploring Adult Age-at-Death Research in Anthropology: Bibliometric Mapping and Content Analysis

Campanacho, Vanessa; Alves-Cardoso, Francisca. Forensic Sciences. 125 - 148. 1. 3. 2023. http://dx.doi.org/10.3390/forensicsci3010011 . 10.3390/forensicsci3010011 . Published

Journal article

Museus e Turismo: em busca do diálogo e da compreensão intercultural

Magalhães, Fernando; SANTOS, Maria da Graça Mouga Poças. Revista Iberoamericana de Turismo. 23 - 44. 5. 13. 2023. https://www.seer.ufal.br/index.php/ritur/issue/view/630 . Published

Book chapter

Pipelines, flows and roots: Power struggles over the Trans Adriatic Pipeline, southern Italy

Pusceddu, Antonio Maria. Disenchanted Modernities: Mega-Infrastructure Projects, Socio-Ecological Changes and Local Responses. Tobias Haller; Christoph Oberlack; Samuel Weissman. Lit. Berlin, Germany. 2023. Published

Journal article

Ayodhya 2.0 in Banaras? Judicial discourses and rituals of place in the making of Hindu majoritarianism

Lazzaretti, Vera. Contemporary South Asia. 1 - 18. 2023. https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/09584935.2023.2188173?fbclid=IwAR0EG_YszT6eyUknWa86m68sZ1GhU6tXOTWb3E8-vsOU7zFY81F5LMPPeJA&journalCode=ccsa20#.ZBHvmXEdn4Q.facebook . 10.1080/09584935.2023.2188173 . Published

Book chapter

Working the Land: Cape Verdean Immigrant Agricultural Communities in Southeastern New England in the early-mid Twentieth Century.

Moniz, Miguel. Our Town/NHA Vida. Archives and Special Collections, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and Mass Humanities Council . United States. 2023. Published