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The masters programme in Anthropology: Visual Cultures privileges two main fields of research. The first concerns the use of visual materials in researching, presenting and disseminating anthropological knowledge. It focus on the development and the technical and methodological issues of the ethnographic film, on documentary as a film genre, and on photography and its strategies. Students may explore these subjects in practical workshops. The second field addresses the study of visual systems and visible culture, that is, the production of social and anthropological knowledge through the analysis of images produced by others. Assuming the constructed nature of visual representations, this masters programme proposes the updating of the relationships between anthropology and image, opening up a new agenda of interests, discussions and research around the visual cultures of contemporary societies.

The mail goals of the Masters Programme in Anthropology: Visual Cultures are:

  • the acquisition of skills to understand the theories and practices of producing and consuming images,
  • the comprehension of the methods in anthropological research that allow for a critical assessment of the visual production objectified in different historical, social and cultural contexts,
  • the development of critical and practical tools to analyse visual representations, researching visual forms of presenting results though documentary, ethnographic film, photographic essay, museology, etc.

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