Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee is an advisory body of CRIA responsible for ensuring that research carried out at the centre complies with the fundamental ethical principles of scientific research and, in particular, of anthropological research, taking into account the specificities of this disciplinary area and the contexts in which it is carried out. 
In the specific case of Master's and PhD research projects, any questions should be addressed to the supervisor and/or referred to the respective bodies of the Higher Education Institution awarding the degree.

Jorge Varanda (president) - UCoimbra

Amélia Frazão Moreira - NOVA FCSH

Filipe Reis - ISCTE

Francisco Freire - Polo NOVA FCSH

Manuela Ivone Cunha - Polo UMinho



The submission to the ethics committee will only be processed upon receipt of all pertinent documentation, including the letter of request and the completed form. Prior to completing the form for soliciting an answer from the ethics committee, it is imperative to adhere to the prevailing CRIA Ethics Charter and ensure all mandatory sections (indicated by *) are appropriately filled. Additionally, all requisite documents must be provided, as the committee will only review and subsequently render an opinion when all pertinent information has been satisfactorily assembled.

Requests for ethical approval statements should be sent to: ana.carrapato@cria.org.pt