Doctoral Programmes

PhD Program in Anthropology (ISCTE-IUL / NOVA FCSH)

The doctoral programme ‘Anthropology: Politics and Displays of Culture and Museology’ aims to provide a diversified and critical approach to contemporary issues related to the production and reproduction of cultural forms with special emphasis on Intangible Cultural Heritage. Although the programme focuses on cultural practices and on Intangible Cultural Heritage in Portugal, it also covers research in three geographical areas: Mediterranean countries, Brazil and African Portuguese-speaking countries. This programme has a strong interdisciplinary component, focuses on research and the acquisition of professional competences in order to coordinate with UNESCO and ICTM (International Council of Traditional Music), and privileges the students’ mobility.

Focused on expressive cultures, the program addresses issues such as:

  • the study of rituals and cultural performances
  • the interface between natural and cultural heritage
  • the role of museums and tourism in the objectification of culture
  • the circulation and rescaling of cultural forms
  • the interplay between material and immaterial forms of cultural expressions

The FCT funded PhD in Anthropology: Politics and Displays of Culture and Museology opened in October 2013, October 2015 and October 2018, each edition having awarded 8 FCT PhD studentships (4 national studentships and 4 mix studentships).


PhD Program in Anthropology (ISCTE-IUL / NOVA FCSH)

The Departments of Anthropology of NOVA FCSH and ISCTE-IUL have established the highest standards of research and teaching since the 1980s.

In the 21st century their respective research units have joined their efforts in a common, inter-universities research centre – CRIA, Center for Research in Anthropology. Most lecturers belong to this centre, and some to CEI-IUL (International Studies Centre), CICS-NOVA (Interdisciplinary Social Science Centre) and IHC (Institute for Contemporary History).

The Doctoral programs of NOVA FCSH and ISCTE-IUL have now merged into a new Doctoral Programme in Anthropology, thus promoting further the cooperation between lecturers, researchers and resources of both institutions, in order to offer the highest standards of graduate education in Anthropology.

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