Body and health among Andean women: an ethnography of therapeutic practices in the cuenca de Patacancha (Peru)

Principal researcher: Alexa Ranaldo

Research group: Governance, Policies and Livelihoods


Anthropology of health | Body | Women's health | Therapeutic practices

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Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT)



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The research in the area of anthropology of health, has the aim of understanding the therapeutic practices associated with the female reproductive organs in an intercultural and gender perspective. Through an ethnography centered on Peruvian women from the cuenca de Patacancha, therapeutic practices that could be classified in the biomedical system as gynecology are considered at the local level in relation to the existing medical pluralism, gender relations, the experiences of the body in terms of unstable borders that produce them provisionally. This ethnographic study aims to understand how these health issues are explained and interpreted locally, presenting itself as innovative in context and theme because it aims to understand the meanings of health care options related to "multiple gynecologies" that transcend the reproductive function in conjunction with bodily, subjective experience, taking into account the social, cultural, political, economic dimensions that are significant in women's lives and discourses.


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Maria Manuel Quintela

Governance, Policies and Livelihoods