Territorial marketing and urban regeneration: a perspective of the projects "Parque das Nações" (Lisbon) and "La Confluence" (Lyon)

Principal researcher: Cecília Avelino

Research group: Practices and Politics of Culture


Branding | Urban projects | "Parque das Nações" | Confluence



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In a context of global economic instability, cities began to compete with each other and for this they seek strategies to differentiate themselves and be more attractive both tourist and economically. To understand this scenario, this research will analyse two urban rehabilitation projects: Park of Nations in Portugal and Confluence in France. Aimed at transforming riparian areas into new centralities and intelligent territories, they are a priori a territorial marketing intervention. Through documentary analysis of institutional plans and programs, the communication actions of each phase of project implementation will be evaluated. It will also be investigated, through semi-structured interviews, the image perceived by the internal and external actors of these localities and the repercussion of these interventions, constituting data to create a methodology on the effectiveness and the return of the investment in marketing and branding. Such actions will contribute to the policies of Tourism, management of the image of the city and its competitiveness.


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