Race, racism and postcolonial identities: a critical approach from amateur sport

Principal researcher: Pedro Sousa de Almeida

Research group: Circulation and Place-Making


Racism | Football | Afro-descendants | Roma



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This research problematizes issues related to race, racism and post-colonialism in three different contexts, both geographically and culturally. The first case study is based on ethnographic research with the collective “Associação de Estudantes Africanos de Bragança”, especially its football team, which competes in the district championship. Considering the racist practices and discourses towards this community, the research establishes a dialogue with the anthropological/sociological context that characterizes the Afro-descendant population of Great Lisbon. The second case study takes place with “Associação Desportiva da Amadora”. The main goal is to study the relationship established with the local community, as well as analyzing how the club context enables the celebration of a racial identity. The third case study develops from ethnographic research on the “Miguel Escobar Foundation: Escola de Futebol Social”, which is located on the outskirts of Coimbra and which concentrates a large part of the local Roma community. Having this as a starting point, I analyze how institutional practices and discourses on this territory perpetuate racism and exclusion.


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Circulation and Place-Making