New patterns of migration to and from Portugal: comparing the Guinean and the Portuguese case

Principal researcher: Ambra Formenti

Research group: Circulation and Place-Making


Mobility | Guinea-Bissau | Portugal | United Kingdom | Religion | Labour

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Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia



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This project aims to explore the changes in migratory patterns in Portugal during the last five years, by comparing three case-studies: Guinean migration to Portugal, Guinean re-migration to the UK, and Portuguese migration to the UK. To this purpose, it explores the current changes in Guinean migration to Portugal, by focusing on the ways in which Guinean associations and religious institutions in Portugal are supporting migrants in their search for integration, citizenship and mobility, by adapting to current historical circumstances. Secondly, this project compares the strategies of mobility and integration of Guinean and Portuguese migrants in the UK, by exploring the relevance of religious networks and associative practices. By comparing the re-migration of Guinean citizens with the new roads of Portuguese emigration, this project studies Portugal as simultaneously country of origin, country of destination and country of transit within a larger system of migration.


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José Mapril

Circulation and Place-Making