É boi, é boizinho: memory, ethnography and safeguarding of bull wrestling in the north of Portugal

Principal researcher: Cristiano Pereira

Research group: Practices and Politics of Culture


Bull wrestling | Human and non-human animal relationship | North of Portugal

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Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT)



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Chegas de bois (bull wrestling) are bull combats present in several counties of the North of Portugal. In some of that counties, as, for instance, Montalegre, during many decades, chegas de bois were performed between bois do povo (people"s bull), symbolizing the combat between two villages. However, upon the end of the communitarianism, chegas the bois suffered several alterations, such as the emergence of combats between private owners or the organization of championships. Besides the collection of memories from the period of the boi do povo, we aim at, essentially by recurring to the observation, analyzing the alterations of chegas the bois in the present past and their actual dynamics. The relationship between owners and the combat bulls will be addressed according to the actual reevaluation (scientific and ethic) of the human and non-human relationship. We also aim at formulating a museological intervention and consider the implications of the interest for the safeguarding of the traditional practices, especially when controversial.


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Jean-Yves Durand

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