Une Histoire Bizarre

Principal researcher: Cristina Santinho

Research group: Governance, Policies and Livelihoods


Immigrants | Refugees | Integration | Art | Performance

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Associação Juvenil Ponte (ccord.); CRIA; Câmara Municipal de Sintra; INATEL; Câmara Municipal de Lisboa; Teatro Municipal de Bragança; Teatro do Noroeste; Cine Teatro de Estarreja; CenDrev Teatro; Santa Casa Misericórdia de Lisboa; Central de Cervejas e Bebidas; Serviço Jesuíta aos Refugiados; Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa; Crescer; Ler Devagar



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Through the voices of 15 refugees and migrants, currently living in Portugal, and 4 Portuguese actors, Une Histoire Bizarre intends to create a show (theater, music, dance, cultural expression) that is the result of a process of mutual learning between men and women, younger and older, Portuguese and foreigners of multiple nationalities, languages and religions. This process is continuous and evolving and takes place during and after the weekly rehearsals. As a result, it is intended, in the first place, to contribute to facilitate the inclusion of refugees and immigrants in Portuguese society, through art. At the same time, it is intended to sensitize the audience of the different shows to the advantages of diversity, through the learning that the various stories of migrants, portrayed on stage and in real life, bring. The project also aims to "establish artistic expression, particularly theater, as an essential means of telling stories that are often unknown, of political action, and of promoting equality, justice, and freedom.

Project report [PDF]


Sebastião Martins (Autor do projeto e diretor artístico - Associação Juvenil Ponte)