Social consultation applied to the evaluation and selection of areas for reintroduction - project LIFE19 NAT/ES/001055-Lynxconnect

Principal researcher: Amélia Frazão Moreira

Research group: Environment, Sustainability and Ethnography


Social consultation | Reintroduction | Iberian Lynx | Portugal

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Instituto da Conservação da Natureza e das Florestas



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This project aims to assess the social attitudes of people in Iberian lynx reintroduction areas and to determine key themes relating to the following aspects:

- Perceptions that subsist and coexist on the ground about lynx and other associated carnivores and the changes that have occurred in the ways of viewing these species.

- Attitudes towards the Iberian lynx, studying the knowledge about its biology and the level of tolerance towards reintroduction in the selected local areas.

 -Attitudes of key actors towards reintroduction, trying to find out in depth the reasons for the different positions towards reintroduction.

Interviews are conducted in sub-areas as potential species habitat areas, lynx territories established on the basis of data provided by ICNF. In these priority sub-areas, interviews are conducted in a non-random and "snowball" manner, to interlocutors with different profiles, local actors considered to be key elements in the community or decisive for a stable lynx presence in the near future, thus conferring a qualitative representativeness to the auscultation.

The aim of this consultation is to define a set of recommendations that can be used in the LIFE project's communication actions and in the administration's actions.


Associated researchers

Clara Espírito Santo

Environment, Sustainability and Ethnography

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Margarida Lopes Fernandes

Environment, Sustainability and Ethnography

Marta Pinho de Almeida