NAFA2021: International Ethnographic Film Festival and Conference

Principal researcher: Catarina Alves Costa

Research group: Practices and Politics of Culture


Inter-Cultural Communication | Ethnographic Film | Visual Archives | Museology

Funding Institution

EEA Grants; ICA; Turismo de Lisboa; FLAD


Norweigian Anthropological Film Association (NAFA); University Museum of Bergen; NOVA FCSH; Museu Nacional de Etnologia; Iscte



Start date


End date



FBR_OC1_052 (EEAGrants); 106/DCA/2021 (ICA); s/ref. (Turismo de Lisboa); 2021/0080 (FLAD)


After winning the EEA Grant for the matchmaking initiative to organize NAFA FESTIVAL we applied to fund the initiative itself to be held October 2020 in Lisbon, at the National Museum of Ethnology. Since 1979, NAFA has organized this international event. In 2018, Lisbon was chosen to host in 2020 the 40th Festival. The Festival brings films from all over the world that relate with different cultures and societies. It is an excellent opportunity to have an overview of contemporary ethnographic film. The Nordic Anthropological Film Association ( ), based in Norway, is a non-commercial, non-profit educational and research association working to promote the ethnographic film and visual anthropology. The main objectives of this bilateral initiative are i) to enlarge and reinforce the relations between PT and NO institutions and persons, ii) production, distribution and awareness of ethnographic film to the specific target groups and other audience, iii) the training of filmmakers, and developing new uses of electronic and interactive visual media, iv) to set an international network on ethnographic film. The films focus on different themes: traditions, ecology, personal family stories, music, ethnic minorities, etc. All screenings will take place at the Museum of National Ethnology, except for the opening that will happen in central Lisbon. We will have around 20 filmmakers that will be presenting their films, a conference on visual archives, workshop, meetings and social events. We expect tangible results from this event such as to promote new concepts on the relation between cultures, languages and traditions, to celebrate an informal encounter between students, academics and other public enhancing institutional relations between Museums and Research Unities from both countries and creating scientific cooperation and networking for future and better bilateral interconnections between Portugal and Norway. We expect a great impact on social media.


PhD students Full members

Amaya Sumpsi

Circulation and Place-Making

Carlos Lima

Catarina Laranjeiro

Hans Frode Storaas

PhD students Full members

Inês Mestre

Practices and Politics of Culture

Paulo Costa

Peter Crawford

Full members

Rodrigo Lacerda

Practices and Politics of Culture

Full members

Teresa Fradique

Practices and Politics of Culture