Literacies in context

Principal researcher: Filipe Reis

External principal researcher: Luís M. Porfírio

Research group: Practices and Politics of Culture


Literacies | Local development | Social inclusion | Non-formal education

Funding Institution

Câmara Municipal de Lisboa (Programa Bip-Zip)


Associação de Apoio e Segurança Psico-social (coord.); Junta de Freguesia da Ajuda; Laredo Associação Cultural; ESTAL; Grupo Sport Chinquilho Cruzeirense; Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa; AGIRXXI- Associação para a Inclusão Social; Academia de Jovens do Casalinho da Ajuda; Agrupamento de Escolas Francisco de Arruda



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The BIP-ZIP program "Bairro Leitor" is promoted by the Lisbon Municipal Council which aims to requalify and boost Ajuda Parish Council focusing on Casalinho da Ajuda's neighborhood in partnership with several entities: the Ajuda Parish Council, the Association of Support and Psycho-Social Security and the Laredo Cultural Association. The goal is to make the neighborhood a place where one can live better due to its reader's calling, working along with the communities and optimizing existing and work-in-progress resources. In a transgenerational and non-formal education approach, subjects are chosen amongst younger residents because of their potential for community involvement and condition for a future sustainability. On the 50th anniversary of the neighborhood (2020), we hope that this changes will be evident and positive and the quarter's improvement will attain its sustainability.