Principal researcher: Filipe Reis

External principal researcher: Luís M. Porfírio (Associação de Apoio e Segurança Psico-Social)

Research group: Practices and Politics of Culture


Education | Employment | Formation | Employability

Funding Institution

Câmara Municipal de Lisboa (Programa Bip-Zip)


Associação de Apoio e Segurança Psico-Social (coord.); Agrupamento de Escolas Francisco de Arruda; AGUINENSO; AMCDP; APPACDM; Associação Cristã de Reinserção e Apoio Social; Associação Portuguesa de Emprego Apoiado; Associação Portuguesa para o Desenvolvimento da Etnia Cigana; Fundação Aga Khan; Instituto do Emprego e Formação Profissional; Junta de Freguesia de Marvila; Lupa-Grupo de Teatro; Reagir Social - Associação de Intervenção Social; SEACOOP - Social Entrepreneurs Agency; CRL; Sociedade Portuguesa de Esclerose Múltipla



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The JOBSTER project aims to intervene in an innovative way in the issue of unemployment, in particular that which affects the young population. Using unconventional methodologies to address the problem of unemployment aims to contribute to the effective increase of the employed population in the Bip / Zip territories, promoting access to employment for young people with low qualifications, unemployed young people and people with mental illness and / or disability. The project starts from a shift in focus to the approach to unemployed people often seen as taxable persons. The methodologies to be implemented throughout the project seek to place people in an active and committed position in the face of the challenges, constraints and stigma that the unemployed condition entails.


Maria de Fátima Moita Fontoura Alves Quintas (AGIRXXI)