Heritage "live": producing visibility and touring the "popular"

Principal researcher: Arlindo Horta

Research group: Practices and Politics of Culture


Heritage | Popular culture | Image | Media | Visibility

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Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT)



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In recent years national tv stations have conducted live broadcasts of travelling tv shows that "visit" towns and villages, and stage the repertoire of local traditions, crafts and gastronomy with a rethoric that celebrates both regional diversity and national pride. They are an informal display of what is today best known as ICH (Intangible Cultural Heritage). This project aims to do the etnography of such travelling television production as the starting point a) to identify ways of appropriating the ICH category in rudimentary processes of cultural objetification; b) to analyze particular strategies of interaction between popular culture and mass-mediated culture, from the perspective of visibility production and the mediatization of local identities; c) to understand the articulation between the political (municipalities), the market (tv companies and local businesses) and the social (local communities) to produce images and discourses about heritage and identity; d) to question these models of inscribing patrimonial images in globalized media contexts as a way to transform local culture in a competitive economic resource. One hopes, in this way, to contribute to an understanding of a context which has received, so far, little attention in the heritage studies area.


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