Europe as imaginary process. Undocumented in Lisbon: between the precariousness and the integration

Principal researcher: Cecília Menduni Luís

Research group: Governance, Policies and Livelihoods


Undocumented | State | Informality | Social invisibility

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Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT)



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This project aims to understand a dimension of contemporary social life that has not been extensively studied: the undocumented migrants living in the city of Lisbon. Following my previous research, this analysis is based on the understanding of the processes of exclusion / inclusion, and on the notions of territoriality and informality imposed on undocumented immigrants. Without documents, these individuals are not considered citizens, and it is through a process of invisibilization that they build their survival strategies, living in the interstices of economic activities and society. I will analyse their daily routines in order to answer the following questions: How do they survive in the city? How do they construct their routes in the territory and in the economic activities in which they are inserted? How do they deal with the state that vetoes their legal existence? Why they stay for such a long time in this situation?


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Antónia Pedroso de Lima

Governance, Policies and Livelihoods

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Cristina Santinho

Governance, Policies and Livelihoods