Energy Activisms at the Crossroads of Environmental Disasters and Un/sustainable Development in the Global South

public.project.responsible_investigator_cria: Ruy Llera Blanes

public.project.research_group: Environment, Sustainability and Ethnography


Social Movements | Environment | Development | Global South


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This research plan proposes a research agenda concerning the impact of sustainable development strategies vis-à- vis economic growth, offering a longitudinal empirical study of the issue of environmental sustainability in the Global South, with particular focus on Portuguese-speaking Africa and South America, and how they couple environmental vulnerability (droughts, flooding, pollution) with the adoption of the 2030 Agenda of Sustainable Development Goals, and at the same time promote largescale extractivist development projects (e.g. oil, Liquified Natural Gas and hydrocarbons, mining) which have significant environmental impact. How do governments, civic society and development agencies understand and handle the conflict between the expectations and desires of development stemming from the emerging extractivist ventures, and on the other hand the catastrophes induced by fossil fuel induced climate change? What are the strategies towards the production of social consensus being developed on behalf of stakeholders, and what are the reactions on behalf of the communities affected by both processes, as well as by civic society at large? In what terms is civic society mobilizing in response – indigenous knowledge and/or transnational networks?
In response, we promote the concept of ‘energy activisms’ as framework for the study of contemporary civic mobilizations in the intersection of environmental concerns and demands for energy and sustainable economy as fundamental citizenship and sovereignty rights.