Effects of nature heritagization in local communities: conflicts, appropriations and concessions in the Boé National Park

Principal researcher: Gonçalo Salvaterra

Research group: Environment, Sustainability and Ethnography


Natural Heritage; Natural Parks; local Knowledge; Guinea-Bissau

Funding Institution

Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT)



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This project aims to understand how the heritagization of nature and the local communities living in the Boe National Park (BNP) in Guinea-Bissau are shaped, starting by the following question: In which way do the conservation practices implemented by the BNP relate to local cultures and their local practices?

Conservation approaches have faced certain areas of the world, considered to be of great ecological importance, in a situation of threat by the depredation of their resources. In some of these cases, the approach has been the heritagization of nature, as an attempt to save them oftentimes from the activity of humanity. Following a dialectical perspective, we assume the culture of these communities as being the result of an adaptive process where culture and nature have shaped each other, constituting themselves as the heritage of their own society.


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Amélia Frazão Moreira

Environment, Sustainability and Ethnography