3C's Transformation Agents (Knowledge, Awareness, Empowerment)

Principal researcher: Vera Silva

External principal researcher: Carla Mendes (CASPAE)

Research group: Governance, Policies and Livelihoods


Knowledge | Awareness | Empowerment

Funding Institution

EEA Grants - Active Citizens Fund


CASPAE (coord.) ; DGRSP; FPCEUC; CPCJ; Agrupamento RSI, FFP e Associação Juvenil Códig Atomiko



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The 3C's Transformation Agents Project (Knowledge, Awareness, Capacity build) is framed in Axis 2 – supporting and defending Human Rights. This Project is promoted by CASPAE 10, and is funded by the Active Citizens Fund program that is funded by the EEA Grants. 3C's Transformation Agents Project it is operated by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, in a consortium with the Bissaya Barreto Foundation. The Project Agents of Transformation - 3C'S aims to involve young people - children of (ex) inmates, but also young people without this experience - professionals and parents. A collaborative networking model is used to provide visibility, support, advocacy and empowerment in the defense of human rights, particularly the rights of children and young people children of imprisoned parents.