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Portugal | Bolivia | Brazil | Italy

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Religion | Rights | Minorities | Prison

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Francesca Cerbini (PhD in Anthropology) has conducted most of her research in Latin America. Her main field of research is the penitentiary institution. Her main interests are in the field of medical anthropology, anthropology of food and anthropology of violence in marginal contexts in the Andes and South America, as well as in European societies. Winner of the CAPES and CNPq scholarship in the "Young Talents" program, she was a researcher at the Universidade Estadual do Ceará, Fortaleza, Brazil. She is currently a contract researcher at CRIA- University of Minho, carrying out a study on religion and daily life in Portuguese prison.

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Religiões e vida cotidiana na prisão

Ref. CEECIND/02658/2017


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