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I am a committed researcher and disseminator of science with ambitious research plans. As a member of the Primate Society of Great Britain, I have a deep, underlying enthusiasm for primates and completed my Primate Conservation MSc research on how a human-impacted landscape affects wild chimpanzees in Uganda. Over the last five years I have gained extensive research and practical experience in Africa and Asia working with interdisciplinary teams of scientists, conservation NGOs and conducting University research projects. My work has both applied and theoretical importance, consequently leading to the development of MoUs to facilitate collaborative research, publications in high quality peer-reviewed scientific journals, and conference presentations. I have recently completed a role as the Project Manager of the Greater Mahale Ecosystem Research & Conservation Project (GMERC) in Tanzania, a one-year position which included the oversight of large, long-term camera trapping, phenology and bioacoustics projects to determine spatiotemporal patterns in biodiversity across the landscape. Additionally, from working at various great ape field sites I possess extensive experience in conducting primate abundance surveys via leading orangutan nest surveys, mammal density surveys, conducting phenology surveys to estimate food abundance and conducting various habitat surveys. Alongside this, I have assisted with research at two field sites in South East Madagascar to aid in ethnoprimatolgical research on mouse, collared and woolly lemurs which often involved long, 12 hour night observations. I thrive on such physical challenges, and the sense of adventure and exploration that accompanies them. Furthermore, I have worked in Uganda’s Budongo Forest Reserve to conduct research on wild chimpanzees. This research identified differences in stress between chimpanzee communities in relatively undisturbed and disturbed habitat, and was recently published in Biological Conservation. I have been fortunate enough to assist and complete multiple pieces of research on ecology and anthropogenic factors, including fragmentation effects on collared lemur behavioural ecology, logging activity influences on orangutan and sun bear ecology, and now at GMERC I oversee data collection to investigate ranging behaviour and habitat use in wild chimpanzees. As the Research Officer for Blackpool Zoo a highly diverse range of skills were needed to oversee, guide and develop the zoo’s research output, which I increased by 33% in 18 months. This zoo research role led to various conference presentations and recently published articles in the Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science and BIAZA News. Whilst working as a Higher Education Lecturer with a conservation specialism, I regularly applied the use of remote sensing techniques within conservation theory, such as in the geographical information systems focussed module I lead. This role also included supervising undergraduate dissertations, where many different project analysis methods are required, demonstrating my flexibility and ability to adapt to a project’s needs. Furthermore, I always attempt to raise awareness of the conservation work I am involved in, having previously spoken on BBC Radio Devon and at the PSGB Winter Meeting regarding my chimpanzee research. I have learnt that working with local staff and community members, and fostering a positive working relationship, is na essential component to any successful field project. A skill that was well practiced in my past role where I managed a team of 20 Tanzanian field staff.



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