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Specialisation in Criminality and Deviance


The Specialisation Course in Criminality and Deviance provides interdisciplinary training around the issues of crime and criminality, social control, national and international security policies, emphasizing their historical and socio-anthropological relevance. The course maintains dialogue with different disciplines and studies, conducted in different times and geographic areas, to foster critical debate around the social construction of criminality, delinquency and implemented security policies, including border and citizen control and the implications of security and surveillance systems at the local and global level, both in projects for technological modernization, and in the creation of secure locations in the urban context.

The course is designed as a cycle of two semesters, with four main curricular units – Means for Suppression of Criminality; Fear Territories; Rights, Freedoms and Guarantees; The Global Threat: Terrorism and Organized Crime – and a specialised seminar – Human Rights and Culture.

The target audiences of this course are students and/or professionals with training in social sciences, including history, anthropology, sociology and law, as well as members of security forces or other entities with responsibilities in the area of civic intervention, such as social workers and probation officers.

This course will allow students to acquire the following competences:

  • a theoretical and methodological interdisciplinary training, with emphasis on the social sciences on crime, deviance and security,
  • an expanded knowledge of responses that society and powers have been developing in various territories and contexts, discussing their relevance in the current debate around security policies worldwide.

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