Sílvia Raposo

Academic degree: Bachelor’s
Category: Associated researchers
Institutional subunit: NOVA FCSH
Research group: Circulation and Place-Making
Thematic line:
Research interests: Islam | Artistic practices | Political | Dance | Performance | Resistance
Research contexts: Portugal
Contact: silvia961993@gmail.com
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Biographical note

Sílvia Raposo was born in Lisbon on June 9th, 1993. She is a research collaborator at CRIA and a PhD student in Performative Arts with a degree in Anthropology. She prepared the dissertation “‘State of Insurgency'”: Performance, politics and resistance in contemporary artistic practices” for her master’s degree in Performing Arts at FCSH/UNL. She started her activity as a researcher at the Jill Dias Archive Laboratory (AJD – CRIA/NOVA FCSH). She develops research on the fields of performance, contemporary artistic movements, political resistance, memory, Islam and terrorism, etc. She is a producer, actress and playwright, having developed the project entitled “I am Mediterranean” (2016), in partnership with ADDHU and the Immigrant Solidarity Association, in order to foster political and academic debate around the current migratory crisis in the Mediterranean.

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pub487*Sílvia RaposoResearcherproj245*Out of the monument: memories of the 1940 ExhibitionCommissionedConcluded+