Rodrigo Lacerda

Academic degree: Master’s
Category: PhD students full members
Institutional subunit: NOVA FCSH
Research group: Circulation and Place-Making
Thematic line: NAVA
Research interests: Indigenous cinema | Identities | Heritage
Research contexts: Brazil
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Biographical note

Rodrigo Lacerda studied Film and Television in the UK at the London Metropolitan University and National Film and Television School. He co-directed with Rita Alcaire the documentaries “Filhos do Tédio” (2006), “O Pessoal do Pico Toma Conta Disso” (2010), “Um Quarto no Éter” (2011), and “Filarmónicas da Ilha Preta” (2011) and, in co-production with the Portuguese national television (RTP), “From 9 to 5” (2011). He has also independently directed the documentaries “Pelos Trilhos do Andarilho: Ao Encontro de Ernesto Veiga de Oliveira” (2010) and “Thierry” (2012). Additionally, Rodrigo has taught workshops on cinema, worked in post-production, both on advertising and on Portuguese, Spanish and English feature films, and participated in video projects developed by cultural associations in the fields of performance art and music. In 2013, he completed a master in Anthropology, at FCSH, New University of Lisbon, with a specialisation in Visual Culture and a thesis on the visual representations of the death of public figures, supervised by José Neves and Catarina Alves Costa. In the same year and at the same university, he started his PhD in Anthropology, with a project on Indigenous cinema in Brazil.

Rodrigo Lacerdapub418*2014ArticleLACERDA, Rodrigo, 2014, "So what do we talk about? O discurso político e a imagem corpórea em 'Thierry'", Cadernos de Arte e Antropologia, 3 (1): 49-60, E-ISSN: 2238-0361.
Rodrigo Lacerdapub418*2016Book chapterLACERDA, Rodrigo, 2016, "O teatro da memória da morte no funeral do ditador António de Oliveira Salazar", in Denize Correa Araujo, Eduardo Victorio Morettin, Vitor Reia-Baptista (orgs.), Ditaduras Revisitadas: Cartografias, Memórias e Representações Audiovisuais, Faro, CIAC/Universidade do Algarve, pp. 429-453, ISBN: 978-989-8859-01-3.

IDResearcherPositionProjTitleProject typeStatus+
pub418*Rodrigo LacerdaResearch scholarproj127*"I have already become an image": heritage and identity in indigenous cinema in BrazilDoctoral researchOngoing+
pub418*Rodrigo LacerdaResearcherproj366*"Ramadan in Lisbon" - A collective documentaryNational projectOngoing+