CRIA and its researchers develop their work under research projects in anthropology and interdisciplinary studies. Most of these projects are funded through public tenders launched by national and international agencies that promote and support scientific research (Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, European Commission, Gerda Henkel Foundation, CODESRIA, International Organization for Migration – IOM, Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico – CNPq [Brazil], Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación [Spain], Australian Research Council, etc.). Other projects articulate with the national strategies for regional development and benefit from CRIA’s decentralised structure in four universities, resulting from collaborations, commissions and protocols with local and regional museums, municipalities and municipal companies, non-governmental organisations, among others.

Ongoing research projects simultaneously result from and promote CRIA’s engagement in scientific and advanced training networks and programmes, among other forms of collaboration with similar entities, national and foreign. Worth highlighting is CRIA’s accreditation by UNESCO in 2012 as a NGO providing advisory services to the Committee for the Safeguard of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

TitleTypeResearch groupStatusInfoLeading researcher
To be or not to be someone': reconstruction of identities by unemployed and precarious workers in Baixa da BanheiraPost-doctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Inês Fonseca
"Feeling of others": dynamics of informal solidarity in the integration of refugeesDoctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Dora Rebelo
"I have already become an image": heritage and identity in indigenous cinema in BrazilDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Rodrigo Lacerda
"M t'studa p'm k ter vida k nha mãe tem / Estudo para não ter a mesma vida da minha mãe": relações de género e poder: narrativas e práticas de mulheres cabo-verdianas em Portugal e Cabo VerdeDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Celeste Fortes
"Magazine Contacto": a multi-sited television production and the construction of the Portuguese national identityPost-doctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureConcluded+Sónia Ferreira
"Ramadan in Lisbon" - A collective documentaryNational projectPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Joana Lucas
"Selfing": contact, magic and the constitution of personhoodNational projectCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+David Picard
"When we're not in the map": configuration as strategy for sociospatial reading of favelaDoctoral researchEnvironment, Sustainability and EthnographyConcluded+Vânia Teles Loureiro
"Who is afraid of the big bad wolf?" - Natural heritage and tourism in Peneda Geres National ParkDoctoral researchEnvironment, Sustainability and EthnographyOngoing+Filipa Costa
(Post-)Rural houses between 1900 and 2015: Architectural expressions and identity trajectoriesDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Ana Saraiva
A Europa é o Cacém. Mobilidades, gênero e sexualidade nos deslocamentos de jovens brasileiros para PortugalDoctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Paula Togni
A social-ecological study of human-plant interactions among Nalú and Bijagó communities in Guinea-Bissau, West AfricaPost-doctoral researchEnvironment, Sustainability and EthnographyOngoing+Hannah Parathian
Afro-Brazilian religions in PortugalInternational projectCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Ana Stela Cunha
After death. The intangible restoration of the Commendation of SoulsDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Pedro Antunes
After nature or after culture? Climate change, culture and interconnectionsPost-doctoral researchEnvironment, Sustainability and EthnographyConcluded+Paulo Mendes
Almost perfect returns: ethnography of war memory in Angola (1971-1973)Doctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Maria José Lobo Antunes
Alternative maternities in Portugal: gender, religion and corporealityPost-doctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Anna Fedele
Among predators: relationships with nature during Iberian lynx reintroductionDoctoral researchEnvironment, Sustainability and EthnographyOngoing+Margarida Lopes Fernandes
An anthropological study of the Festas Nicolinas in GuimarãesCommissionedGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Jean-Yves Durand
An ethnography at the margins: turtles, tourists and environmental conservation in Goa, IndiaDoctoral researchEnvironment, Sustainability and EthnographyOngoing+Raquel Maria Mendes Pereira
Another Islam: Barelwi transnationalism between Lisbon and Nova SofalaDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Pedro Pestana Soares
Archaeological sambaquis studies in the Amazonian coast of ParáInternational projectPractices and Politics of CultureConcluded+Maura Imazio da Silveira (Museu Paraense Emilio Goeldi)
Archive technologies, social networks and biographical narratives: ethnography on memory in the digital ageDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Sara Mota
Atlantic crossings: materiality, contemporary movements and policies of belongingNational projectCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Marta Vilar Rosales (ICS-UL)
Between "sky and sand": tourism, travel and expeditions. Mapping discourses and practices on MauritaniaDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureConcluded+Joana Lucas
Between collections and museums in Mozambique: from colonial to postcolonial timesDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Tânia Madureira
Between eucalyptus and mud: ontological conflicts on the Capixaba north coastDoctoral researchEnvironment, Sustainability and EthnographyOngoing+Márcio Antonio Farias de Freitas
Between islands: ethnographies of circulation in the AzoresDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Amaya Sumpsi
BIRTH - Building intrapartum research through health: an interdisciplinary whole system approach to understanding and contextualising physiological labour and birthNetworkGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Soo Downe (University of Central Lancashire)
Body, identity ethnicity: an ethnography of Lisbon gymnasiumsDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Caio Novaes
Bone mattersNational projectPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Francisca Alves Cardoso
Borderlands: industry, culture and heritageDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Mariana Silva
Brazilian travesties in Portugal: itineraries, identities and ambiguitiesDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Francisco Luís
Caboclos Nkisis: 'Bantu' space and identity in Brazil and CubaInternational projectCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Ana Stela Cunha
CAPSAHARA - Critical approaches to politics, social activism, and Islamic militancy in the Western Saharan regionInternational projectCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Francisco Freire
Care as sustainability in crisis situationsNational projectGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Antónia Pedroso de Lima
Characterization and commercialization of the Japanese clam: value chain of harvesting and market potential in PortugalCommissionedEnvironment, Sustainability and EthnographyConcluded+Amélia Frazão Moreira
Childbirth cultures, concerns, and consequences: creating a dynamic EU framework for optimal maternity careNetworkGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Soo Downe (University of Central Lancashire)
Chimpanzee tool-use in Guinea-Bissau and behavioural complexityNational projectEnvironment, Sustainability and EthnographyConcluded+Kimberley Hockings
Ciganos 2.0: Ethnographying ICT uses and the presence of Portuguese Roma in social mediaDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Ana Rita Costa
Coexistence and competition between wild chimpanzees and villagers in West AfricaPost-doctoral researchEnvironment, Sustainability and EthnographyConcluded+Kimberley Hockings
Colonialism contemporary legacy in the Portuguese society through the prism of migrationsPost-doctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Irène Strijdhorst dos Santos
Common HouseNational projectPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Maria Cristina Rodrigues Abreu (J.F. Ajuda)
Contemporary cultural processes related to maternity in Portugal and England: an ethnographic studyResearcher contractGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Joanna White
Contesting the wild: nature, rewilding, conservationists and local communities in a changing EuropeDoctoral researchEnvironment, Sustainability and EthnographyOngoing+Filipa Soares
Controversial commodities: the transformations of relationships in the realm of tourism in CubaPost-doctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Valerio Simoni Riba
Copos, corpos e afetos: Género, sexualidade e imigração nas Casas de AlterneDoctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Lira Dolabella
Cosmological innovation in contemporary Brazilian Umbanda and its impact on inter-religious self-definition and legitimationPost-doctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Diana Espírito Santo
Cosmopolitan highways of shamansDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Lisa Lazzarini
Crafting Good Citizens: the Politics of crafting Indian Citizens from Catholics in GoaPost-doctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Jason Keith Fernandes
Crescer na (in)diferençaDoctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Margarida Moz
Crisis and local and transnational dynamics in the Western Mediterranean: sociopolitical changes, mobilizations and diaspora (CRISDINTRANS)International projectCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Ana Planet Contreras (UAM)
Crossing paths: the instantiation of destiny in Afro-Cuban religions and Cuban socialismPost-doctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Anastasios Panagiotopoulos
Crossing the border: identity and "africaness" in Afro Cuban-Brazilian religionsPost-doctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Ana Stela Cunha
Cultivating the magical other: heritage politics and formations of modernityResearcher contractCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+David Picard
Cultural differences, migration crisis and the future of the European heritageDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Marcela Jaramillo Contreras
Cultures in the mirror: India and the consumer society in LisbonPost-doctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureConcluded+Inês Lourenço
Da imaterialidade à circularidade: a arte tradicional da tecelagem em Timor LesteDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Carolina Granado Pinto
Diamang Company of Angola (Diamang) - Service of Information: a memory subv(m)ersive memoryNational projectGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Jorge Varanda
Diamang DigitalInternational projectPractices and Politics of CultureConcluded+Nuno Porto
Diversities, spaces and migrations in the entrepreneurial cityNational projectCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Manuela Mendes (CIAUD, FA-ULisboa)
Doença, medicina e Império: a doença do sono na Guiné portuguesa (1855-1974)Doctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Luís Neves Costa
Dramaturgical atractions for the real: an ethnography of the actor-nonactorDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Teresa Fradique
É Boi, É Boizinho: memory, ethnography and safeguarding of bull wrestling in the North of PortugalDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Cristiano Pereira
Ecotopias, environmentalism and care as sustainability; contributions from intentional communities, permaculture and lifestyle intentional changingDoctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Cristiana Vale Pires
Educação e cultura: a resignificação dos saberes Sateré-Mawé no território indígenaDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Maria Ribeiro
Education for human rights: a daily practice?International projectGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Sara Andrade (Rede Inducar, CRL)
Elaboration of the registry of the Bom Despacho pilgrimage in the INPCI (Intangible Cultural Heritage National Inventory)CommissionedGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Jean-Yves Durand
Elaboration of the registry of the Senhora do Alívio pilgrimage in the INPCI (Intangible Cultural Heritage National Inventory)CommissionedGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Jean-Yves Durand
Em defesa dos Direitos Humanos. Centro de acolhimento da UHSA para migrantes irregulares. Porto, PortugalCommissionedGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Cristina Santinho
Equality and cultural difference in the practice of Portuguese courts: Challenges and opportunities for an inclusive society (InclusiveCourts)National projectGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Patrícia Jerónimo (Uminho)
Ethnographies of heritage processes in colonial and postcolonial contexts in Cape VerdeDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Rita Lobo Guimarães
Europe as imaginary process. Undocumented in Lisbon: between the precariousness and the integrationDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Cecília Menduni Luís
Evaluation of population attitudes in lynx reintroduction areas and associated key themes in Portuguese territoriesCommissionedEnvironment, Sustainability and EthnographyConcluded+Amélia Frazão Moreira
Exploring tourist and filmmaking practices through Portuguese non-fiction film: from the early travelogue to the tourism promotional film (1910-1980)Researcher contractPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Sofia Sampaio
Factores de apropriação e construção identitária em torno da casa: estudo de caso - Bairro da Malagueira / Siza VieiraDoctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Mário Afonso Gomes
Fatima, one century after the apparitions: pilgrimage, gender and lived religion (IC)Researcher contractCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Anna Fedele
Fatima, one century after the apparitions: pilgrimage, gender and lived religion (PN)National projectCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Anna Fedele
FILMTUR-PORT - Behind the camera: practices of visuality and mobility in the Portuguese tourist filmNational projectPractices and Politics of CultureConcluded+Sofia Sampaio
Food as cultural heritage: confectionery in PortugalDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Inês Mestre
Forms of resistance and marginality in prisons: creating possible worlds on the threshold of exclusionPost-doctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Ricardo Seiça Salgado
From India to Portugal: post-colonial perspectives on museums, heritage and the circulation of culturePost-doctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Inês Lourenço
Funerary anthropology and paleobiology of Portugueses post-medieval populations: Nossa Senhora da Anunciada and Espírito SantoDoctoral researchEnvironment, Sustainability and EthnographyConcluded+Nathalie Antunes Ferreira
Gastronomies and identity: tourism, sea and dining in SesimbraDoctoral researchEnvironment, Sustainability and EthnographyOngoing+Pedro Pereira da Silva
Gender configurations in female prisons: permanences, continuities and variationsDoctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Vera Silva
Generations and governance: youth, aging and public politics in compared contextsNetworkGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Antónia Pedroso de Lima
Gente e touros: interanimalidade, animais humanos e animais não-humanos na produção do toro de lide em PortugalDoctoral researchEnvironment, Sustainability and EthnographyOngoing+Glauber Gusmão
Governação, transformações políticas e negociação de quotidianos: Portugal 2008-2018 (LiVEPOLITICS)National projectGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Antónia Pedroso de Lima
Gypsies, markets and horses: two ways of 'doing business' - social and economic networks and itineraries of Gypsy families in Greater Lisbon and the AlgarvePost-doctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Micol Brazzabeni
HERILIGION - The heritagization of religion and the sacralization of heritage in contemporary EuropeInternational projectCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Oscar Salemink (University of Copenhagen)
Heritage 'live': producing visibility and touring the 'popular'Doctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Arlindo Horta
Hospitalidade de refugiados e migrantes no norte de PortugalPost-doctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Elizabeth Challinor
Human security in prison: perspectives, subjectivities and experiences - a contribution to the anthropology of securityInternational projectGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Catarina Frois
Hydroelectric power plants and tourism: the case of the Alqueva damPost-doctoral researchEnvironment, Sustainability and EthnographyOngoing+Luís Silva
Identity processes and cultural heritage: the construction of the Azorean imaginary descending on the Island of Santa CatarinaDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Mariela F. da Silveira
Identity, culture and art: the study of urban-periphery as stages for artistic interventionDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Diana West
Image wars: the crossroads of nationhood, migration and the re-writing of history in art and popular visual culture in contemporary ItalyResearcher contractGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Paolo Favero
Immigrant families in dispute: "internal" agencies, media debates and political practicesNational projectCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Susana Trovão
Immigrant motherhood at the cross-roads: engaging with self, others and the stateResearcher contractGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Elizabeth Challinor
Immigrants and the social care sectors: technologies of citizenship in PortugalNational projectGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Chiara Pussetti
In order not to miss the 'inço': practices, discourses and conflicts around the seed guardDoctoral researchEnvironment, Sustainability and EthnographyConcluded+Maria Helena A. G. Marques
Indigenous displacement: identity reinvention by aymara artistic and cultural practices in São Paulo and Buenos AiresDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Cristina de Branco
Inmate art, identify and resistance: mapping the carceral experienceDoctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Daniel Maciel
Intangible Cultural Heritage: heritage policies, agents and organizations. The heritigisation of Kola San Jon in PortugalDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Carla Queiroz
Interrelationship between human beings and the environment: fishermen and fisheries in SeixalDoctoral researchEnvironment, Sustainability and EthnographyOngoing+Adelina Gomes Domingues
Islam and family in Portugal: conjugality, gender and plurality of trajectoriesPost-doctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Raquel Carvalheira
IST: the first hundred years - culture, technology and societyNational projectPractices and Politics of CultureConcluded+Jorge Freitas Branco
Jill Rosemary Dias: documental, photographic and bibliographic archivesNational projectCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Maria Cardeira da Silva
Knowledge, power and mediations: the governance of Islam in Mozambique (1933-1974)Doctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Sandra Araújo
Kumida di Téra é Sabi: eating habits, identity and memoryDoctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Tiago Silveiro de Oliveira
Kututunda Ni Kutuia (the past and the present). Oral nineteenth century tradition Kimbundu literatureDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Agnela Barros
Landscapes of risk: a cross-disciplinary approach to examine the sustainability of human-chimpanzee coexistenceResearcher contractEnvironment, Sustainability and EthnographyOngoing+Kimberley Hockings
Landscapes of risk: a cross-disciplinary approach to examine the sustainability of human-chimpanzee coexistenceNational projectEnvironment, Sustainability and EthnographyOngoing+Kimberley Hockings
LISS - Living in surveillance societiesNetworkGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+William Webster (University of Stirling, UK)
Literacies in contextNational projectPractices and Politics of CultureConcluded+Luís Miguel Porfírio (AASPs)
Live bait: annelida polychaeta as live bait in Portugal - management of harvesting, import and cultivation (analysis of the value chains of the seaworm industry in Portugal)CommissionedEnvironment, Sustainability and EthnographyConcluded+Amélia Frazão Moreira
Macanese transnational families: appropriation and negotiation of "diaspora"Doctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Cristina Moreno
Maias and Maios in Portugal, ethnography of two casesDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Catarina Freire Leal
Making wayang in between performing culture with 'rasa', 'komunitas', 'Nusantara' and UNESCODoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Giulia Panfili
Mandinga for export: a globalização da CapoeiraDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Ricardo Nascimento
Masculinities negotiations and image-making processes among a group of young men in Maputo, MozambiqueDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureConcluded+Andrea Moreira
Materialization of memories: cultural landscape in Timor-LesteDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Carolina Boldoni
Me, you...them: alternative conjugalities in the 21st CenturyDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Maria Silvério
Media representations of the nation: being Portuguese in the worldPost-doctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Sónia Ferreira
Memory and identity: the paintings of the "moliceiros" boats: tradition as invention, power showing and touristic marketingDoctoral researchEnvironment, Sustainability and EthnographyOngoing+José Gurgo e Cirne
Memory of places and places of memory: re-qualification and musealization of symbolic sites of the Portuguese dictatorshipDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Joana Miguel Almeida
Migrations, integration and co-development in EuropeNetworkGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Fausto Amico (project coordinator)
Mobile citizens and the State: Cape Verdeans in PortugalResearcher contractGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Elizabeth Challinor
Mulheres na luta armada em Angola: memória, cultura e emancipaçãoDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Margarida Paredes
Nature heritage making and tourism in Portugal: case studies from the Azores and the Peneda-Gerês National ParkPost-doctoral researchEnvironment, Sustainability and EthnographyConcluded+Luís Silva
Neoliberalism, reconfiguration of the Welfare State and unemployment: a comparative study between Portugal and UKPost-doctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Patrícia Alves de Matos
Neopagan groups and pilgrimages in Portugal and their relationship with the transnational American and European Neopagan movementPost-doctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Anna Fedele
New patterns of migration to and from Portugal: comparing the Guinean and the Portuguese casePost-doctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Ambra Formenti
No tempo do "mellah": lembrança, memória e a arquitectura como mnemónica do lugar dos judeus na cidade muçulmanaDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Nuno Mora
Objetos identitários, recursos turísticos: acervo, coleções e performances museográficas do Museu de Arte Sacra e Etnologia - FátimaDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureConcluded+Eunice Lopes
Offender supervision in EuropeNetworkGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Fergus McNeill (University of Glasgow)
On and off air: an ethnographic exploration of minority radio in PortugalDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Inês David
On the margins and in transit: mental health and good intentions in a nonprofit organisation on the outskirts of LisbonDoctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Joana Catela
Our Lady of the Navigators: when images and people make a pilgrimage on the watersNational projectPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Carla Almeida
Our music, our world: musical associations, wind bands, and local communities (1880-2018)National projectCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Maria do Rosário Pestana (INET-md)
Out of the monument: memories of the 1940 ExhibitionCommissionedCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Maria Cardeira da Silva
Paper prisons: morality and ethics in contexts of incarcerationDoctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Afonso de Castro Bento
Participatory video as a tool for anthropological researchPost-doctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Peter Anton Zoettl
Passional Atlantic: mobilities and Euro-Brazilian transnational configurations of intimacyDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Octávio Sacramento
Património cultural imaterial: estratégias e práticas institucionais no AlgarveDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Veralisa Brandão
Periguetes no pagode baiano: speeches and performancesDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Fabiana Leonel de Castro
Popular, erudite, modern: architecture, culture, and identityPost-doctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Marta Prista
Por-Tugu-Ese? The Protestant Tugu community of Jakarta, IndonesiaDoctoral researchEnvironment, Sustainability and EthnographyConcluded+Raan-Hann Tan
Portuguese castles aboard II: Heritage, tourism and Portuguese cultural cooperation in African contextsNational projectCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Maria Cardeira da Silva
Portuguese Eurasians of MalaccaIndependentEnvironment, Sustainability and EthnographyOngoing+Brian O'Neill
Portuguese muslins in postcolonial contexts: capitals ethno-religious and transnational practices between Lisbon and LuandaDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Filomena Batoréu
Practices and representations of the body in Bengali IndiaPost-doctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureConcluded+Sandra C. S. Marques
Práticas sustentáveis: um estudo sobre o pós-folclorismo em Portugal no século XXI (EcoMusic)National projectPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Maria do Rosário Pestana (INET-md)
Preparatory document for the 1st Lisbon City Council Plan for Gender EqualityCommissionedGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Antónia Pedroso de Lima
Promoting chimpanzee conservation in Guinea-Bissau, West AfricaInternational projectEnvironment, Sustainability and EthnographyConcluded+Kimberley Hockings
Public health policies and therapeutic practices: suffering and treatment strategies of migrants in the Greater Lisbon areaNational projectGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Chiara Pussetti
Re-interpreting tradition: relational ethics in a Japanese rural communityDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Ricardo Santos Alexandre
Recalling a neglected disease: an historical-anthropological view of Human African Trypanosomiasis (sleeping sickness) in Angola, ca. 1900s-presentNational projectGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Jorge Varanda
Refugees: vulnerability, resilience and inclusion in a democratic society, in the context of socio-economic crisisPost-doctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Cristina Santinho
RELAB - Labour relations in Portugal and the Lusophone World 1800-2000: continuity and changeNational projectPractices and Politics of CultureConcluded+Raquel Varela (IHC-NOVA FCSH)
Religion in/of crisis: pluralism, spiritual creativity and healing in Portugal and GreecePost-doctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Eugenia Roussou
Religious boundaries in transcendence: "new age", pluralism and spiritual creativity in contemporary LisbonPost-doctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Eugenia Roussou
Religious memories and heritage practices in the Mediterranean: confessional coexistence and heritage assertion (MERAP-MED)National projectCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Cyril Isnart (CIDEHUS-UÉ)
RELY - Renewable energy and landscape qualityNetworkEnvironment, Sustainability and EthnographyOngoing+Michael Roth (Nuertingen-Geislingen University)
Ritual, ethnicity and transnationalism: Holy Ghost Festivals in North AmericaNational projectCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+João Leal
Roça, mato e máscara: autonomia e liberdade em São ToméDoctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Emiliano Dantas
Safar a vida: uncertainty, informality and crisis in Setúbal and Olhão fishing communitiesDoctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Vanessa Iglésias Amorim
Sao-tomense traditional medicine in Portugal: healing systems and therapeutic practicesDoctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Rita Rodrigues
Security in context: an anthropological study on contexts, polices and practices of security in 21st century PortugalResearcher contractGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Catarina Frois
Shape-shifting nature in a contested landscape in Guinea-BissauDoctoral researchEnvironment, Sustainability and EthnographyConcluded+Joana Vaz de Sousa
Shaping voids and building bridges: towards an ethic and legal framework and societal approach to Portuguese human identified skeletal collections (HISC)Researcher contractPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Francisca Alves Cardoso
Skeletal records: assessing health through osteological and historical dataPost-doctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureConcluded+Francisca Alves Cardoso
Social, cultural and structural barriers to HIV testing: from risk practices to health careNational projectGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Marta Maia
Socio-technical consensus and controversies about renewable energiesNational projectEnvironment, Sustainability and EthnographyConcluded+Ana Delicado (ICS-UL)
Solidarity, volunteering and care: motivations, practices and social impact of moral economies in a crisis contextDoctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Fernanda Rivas Oliveira
Speaking of crisis: divination in circulation between different contexts of crisisPost-doctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Anastasios Panagiotopoulos
Spiritual transmission and fabrication of religious heritage around the Mediterranean. Individual experiences (Transrelex)International projectCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Cyril Isnart (UMR IDEMEC)
Spiteful strategies: the ontogeny and practice of spite in human interactions, an experimental game theory approachDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+André Almeida
Surfers and fishermen: sport, work and heritage in EriceiraDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Vera Azevedo
T-SHaRE: Transcultural skills for health and careInternational projectGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Rosa dell'Aversana (project coordinator)
Territorial marketing and urban regeneration: a perspective of the projects "Parque das Nações"(Lisbon) and "La Confluence" (Lyon)Doctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Cecília Avelino
The dream of the enchanted gringo: Brazilian women in Germany between mobilities, affection and transnational careDoctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Juliana dos Santos Pereira Moraes
The elusive governance: power relations and identity strategies around Islam in colonial, anticolonial and post-colonial practicesResearcher contractCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Mário Machaqueiro
The emergence and decline of new networks of activism in anti-austerity protests in PortugalDoctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Alexandre Costa
The house of debt: credit constraints and house ownership in contemporary PortugalPost-doctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Ana Luísa Micaelo
The invisibility of death among immigrant populations in Portugal: vulnerabilities and transnational managementsNational projectCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Clara Saraiva
The labyrinths of power: an ethnography of the Assembly of the RepublicDoctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+João Mineiro
The local impact of renewable energy technologies: an anthropological study about the photovoltaic solar power plants in PortugalPost-doctoral researchEnvironment, Sustainability and EthnographyConcluded+Luís Silva
The Market beyond the "traditional": Heritage discourses, urban rehabilitation and translocalismDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Inês Belo Gomes
The medicalisation of maternity in Portugal and England: an ethnographic studyResearcher contractGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Joanna White
The Mediterranean diet as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. For an ethnography of its practices, impacts and touristic uses in Portugal and MoroccoPost-doctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Joana Lucas
The new storytelling performances and the limits of tradition: a comparative study between Rio de Janeiro and Cariri CearenseDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Maria Isabel Machado Lemos
The osseous material of the Anatomy Museum of UFPA: paleobiological studyInternational projectPractices and Politics of CultureConcluded+Francisca Alves Cardoso
The power of dance instruction. Latin social dances and the promotion of gender equality in PortugalDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Ana Fonseca Figueiredo
The reinvented heritage: "patrimonialisation" of the intangible heritage in PortugalDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Rita Jerónimo da Silva
The relevance of the tribal idioms in contemporary Muslim societies: political conformation and anthropological revisionsPost-doctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Francisco Freire
The technical household: three generations speakingDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Constança Vieira de Andrade
The thread and the plot of the antimafia in SicilyDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Simona Tomarchio
The transformation of intimate and economic lives in Cuban tourism and migrationPost-doctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Valerio Simoni Riba
The use of plants by humans and non-human primates in altered landscapes: diet flexibility or local adaptation?Doctoral researchEnvironment, Sustainability and EthnographyOngoing+Isa Aleixo Pais
Therapeutic adherence in diabetes: relationships, meanings and behaviorsPost-doctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Marta Maia
Tourism and cinema in Portugal: local perspectives on the production, circulation and reception of (trans)national texts and practicesPost-doctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureConcluded+Sofia Sampaio
Tourism and national identification in Cape VerdePost-doctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureConcluded+Eduarda Rovisco
Tourism and transnational cinema: representations, fictions and cultural materialismPost-doctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureConcluded+Sofia Sampaio
Transnational everyday life's stuff: circulation of objects and heritagization of culture on the move, a case study between Portugal and BrasilDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Daniela Rodrigues
Transnational families from Sao Tome and Principe: gender and intergenerational dynamicsDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Sónia Ramalho
Transnational flows of female orishas performative in African-Brazilian cults in LisbonDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Tathiane Batista
Uma ilha na península: vinda, estadia e integração de refugiados da África lusófona pós-independência no Centro de Acolhimento para Refugiados de PenicheDoctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Alexandre Audigane
Uneven borders: citizenship, mobility and inequalityPost-doctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Ines Hasselberg
Urban dance (s) and construction of angolanidade. Cultural policies of the Angolan State in contemporary timesDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+André Soares
Vaccination, society and the administration of the body: anthropological approachesNational projectGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Manuela Ivone Cunha
Waiting for the future : an ethnography of citizenship and subjectivity at the end of compulsory educationDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Maria João Fernandes
Waking up traditionsCommissionedGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Jean-Yves Durand
WE - Wor(l)ds which ExcludeInternational projectGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+n.a.
We are the MediterraneanNational projectPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Filipe Reis
Where humans and chimpanzees meet: assessing sympatry throughout Africa using a multi-tiered approachNational projectEnvironment, Sustainability and EthnographyConcluded+Kimberley Hockings
Work on screen: a study of social memories and identities through cinemaNational projectPractices and Politics of CultureConcluded+Luísa Veloso (CIES-IUL)
Youth marginality and youth delinquency in the Lusophone world: a visual-anthropological research projectPost-doctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Peter Anton Zoettl