Practices and Politics of Culture

Coordination: Filipe Reis and Joana Lucas

The researchers involved in the research group Practices and Politics of Culture have been developing research on the contemporary processes of production, circulation and display of culture, topics that are central to contemporary anthropology.

Combining an ethnographic approach with a historical and critical perspective, the researches analyse the processes of circulation and rescaling of cultural forms, the commodification of culture, the role of museums, festivals and rituals in the process of objectification of culture, and the construction of sites as tourist destinations.

Heritage, tangible and intangible, has been at the core of the research group’s activity, culminating in two main achievements: a) the accreditation of CRIA as NGO consultant for UNESCO (Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage); and b) CRIA’s participation, along with other two research centres – INET-md and IELT –, in the FCT funded PhD program ‘Politics and Displays of Culture and Museology’ (NOVA FCSH and ISCTE-IUL), with two editions inaugurated in 2013 and 2015.

The research group Practices and Politics for Culture aims to contribute to the growing body of knowledge on diverse contemporary modes of production of culture by carrying out detailed ethnographic case studies focused on local communities’ experience and on historic sites classified as heritage.

The main research topics are the following:

  1. ‘Ethnology of heritage’ and of heritage practices;
  2. ‘Portable’ heritage and communities in transit (research conducted in conjunction with the research group Circulation and Place-Making);
  3. Ethnographic archives and the archives of the ethnographers;
  4. Performance, media, artistic practices, the aestheticization of heritage and its role in cultural programs and creative industries in urban and regional contexts;
  5. The uses of the visual in anthropology (joint activities with the thematic line NAVA – Visual Anthropology and Arts Laboratory);
  6. Ethnographic collections and the representations of colonial past in museums in Portugal.
Name Category
Adelaide Vieira Machado Visiting researchers
Agnela Barros Associated researchers
Ana Fonseca Figueiredo Associated researchers
Ana Gonçalves Associated researchers
Ana Piedade Full members
Ana Rita Costa PhD students full members
André Soares Associated researchers
António Medeiros Associated researchers
Arlindo Horta PhD students full members
Bruno Abrantes Associated researchers
Bruno Ferraz Bartel Visiting researchers
Carla Almeida Full members
Carla Queiroz PhD students full members
Carlos Lima Associated researchers
Carolina Boldoni PhD students full members
Carolina Granado Pinto Associated researchers
Catarina Alves Costa Full members
Catarina Leal Associated researchers
Cecília Avelino PhD students full members
Constança Vieira de Andrade Associated researchers
Cristiano Pereira Associated researchers
Cristina de Branco Associated researchers
Cristina Sá Valentim Associated researchers
Cyril Isnart Associated researchers
Debora Baldelli Associated researchers
Diana West PhD students full members
Eduarda Rovisco Full members
Ema Pires Associated researchers
Eunice Lopes Associated researchers
Eva Maria Blum Associated researchers
Fabiana Leonel de Castro PhD students full members
Fernando Cruz Associated researchers
Filipe Ferraz Trainees
Filipe Reis Full members
Filipe Verde Full members
Filomena Silvano Full members
Francisca Alves Cardoso Full members
Frédéric Vidal Full members
Frederico Rosa Full members
Giulia Panfili PhD students full members
Gonçalo Salvaterra Associated researchers
Helder Alicerces Bahu Associated researchers
Inês Lourenço Full members
Inês Mestre PhD students full members
Isabel Maria Nogueira Trainees
Joana Lucas Full members
Joana Miguel Almeida PhD students full members
Jorge Freitas Branco Full members
Kelen Pessuto Associated researchers
Marcela Jaramillo Contreras PhD students full members
Maria de Jesus Espada Associated researchers
Maria Isabel Machado Lemos Associated researchers
Maria José Fazenda Full members
Maria Ribeiro Associated researchers
Mariana Silva PhD students full members
Marianna F. M. Monteiro Visiting researchers
Mariela F. da Silveira Associated researchers
Marília Ennes Visiting researchers
Marta Prista Full members
Nélia Dias Full members
Nuno Porto Associated researchers
Paulo Costa Associated researchers
Paulo Raposo Full members
Raquel Moreira Associated researchers
Ricardo Santos Alexandre Associated researchers
Ricardo Seiça Salgado Full members
Rita Jerónimo da Silva PhD students full members
Robert Rowland Full members
Sandra C. S. Marques Associated researchers
Sara Mota Associated researchers
Sofia Sampaio Full members
Sónia Vespeira de Almeida Full members
Tânia Madureira PhD students full members
Tathiane Batista Associated researchers
Teresa Fradique Full members
Vera Marques Alves Associated researchers
Veralisa Brandão Associated researchers
Victor Hugo Barreto Associated researchers
Virtudes Téllez Delgado Associated researchers

TitleTypeResearch groupStatusInfoLeading researcher
"Magazine Contacto": a multi-sited television production and the construction of the Portuguese national identityPost-doctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureConcluded+Sónia Ferreira
"Ramadan in Lisbon" - A collective documentaryNational projectPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Joana Lucas
Archaeological sambaquis studies in the Amazonian coast of ParáInternational projectPractices and Politics of CultureConcluded+Maura Imazio da Silveira (Museu Paraense Emilio Goeldi)
Archive technologies, social networks and biographical narratives: ethnography on memory in the digital ageDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Sara Mota
Between "sky and sand": tourism, travel and expeditions. Mapping discourses and practices on MauritaniaDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureConcluded+Joana Lucas
Between collections and museums in Mozambique: from colonial to postcolonial timesDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Tânia Madureira
Bone mattersNational projectPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Francisca Alves Cardoso
Borderlands: industry, culture and heritageDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Mariana Silva
Ciganos 2.0: Ethnographying ICT uses and the presence of Portuguese Roma in social mediaDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Ana Rita Costa
Common HouseNational projectPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Maria Cristina Rodrigues Abreu (J.F. Ajuda)
Cultural differences, migration crisis and the future of the European heritageDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Marcela Jaramillo Contreras
Cultures in the mirror: India and the consumer society in LisbonPost-doctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureConcluded+Inês Lourenço
Da imaterialidade à circularidade: a arte tradicional da tecelagem em Timor LesteDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Carolina Granado Pinto
Diamang DigitalInternational projectPractices and Politics of CultureConcluded+Nuno Porto
É Boi, É Boizinho: memory, ethnography and safeguarding of bull wrestling in the North of PortugalDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Cristiano Pereira
Educação e cultura: a resignificação dos saberes Sateré-Mawé no território indígenaDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Maria Ribeiro
Exploring tourist and filmmaking practices through Portuguese non-fiction film: from the early travelogue to the tourism promotional film (1910-1980)Researcher contractPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Sofia Sampaio
FILMTUR-PORT - Behind the camera: practices of visuality and mobility in the Portuguese tourist filmNational projectPractices and Politics of CultureConcluded+Sofia Sampaio
Food as cultural heritage: confectionery in PortugalDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Inês Mestre
Forms of resistance and marginality in prisons: creating possible worlds on the threshold of exclusionPost-doctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Ricardo Seiça Salgado
From India to Portugal: post-colonial perspectives on museums, heritage and the circulation of culturePost-doctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Inês Lourenço
Heritage 'live': producing visibility and touring the 'popular'Doctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Arlindo Horta
Identity processes and cultural heritage: the construction of the Azorean imaginary descending on the Island of Santa CatarinaDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Mariela F. da Silveira
Identity, culture and art: the study of urban-periphery as stages for artistic interventionDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Diana West
Indigenous displacement: identity reinvention by aymara artistic and cultural practices in São Paulo and Buenos AiresDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Cristina de Branco
Intangible Cultural Heritage: heritage policies, agents and organizations. The heritigisation of Kola San Jon in PortugalDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Carla Queiroz
IST: the first hundred years - culture, technology and societyNational projectPractices and Politics of CultureConcluded+Jorge Freitas Branco
Kututunda Ni Kutuia (the past and the present). Oral nineteenth century tradition Kimbundu literatureDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Agnela Barros
Literacies in contextNational projectPractices and Politics of CultureConcluded+Luís Miguel Porfírio (AASPs)
Maias and Maios in Portugal, ethnography of two casesDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Catarina Freire Leal
Making wayang in between performing culture with 'rasa', 'komunitas', 'Nusantara' and UNESCODoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Giulia Panfili
Masculinities negotiations and image-making processes among a group of young men in Maputo, MozambiqueDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureConcluded+Andrea Moreira
Materialization of memories: cultural landscape in Timor-LesteDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Carolina Boldoni
Media representations of the nation: being Portuguese in the worldPost-doctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Sónia Ferreira
Memory of places and places of memory: re-qualification and musealization of symbolic sites of the Portuguese dictatorshipDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Joana Miguel Almeida
Objetos identitários, recursos turísticos: acervo, coleções e performances museográficas do Museu de Arte Sacra e Etnologia - FátimaDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureConcluded+Eunice Lopes
Our Lady of the Navigators: when images and people make a pilgrimage on the watersNational projectPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Carla Almeida
Património cultural imaterial: estratégias e práticas institucionais no AlgarveDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Veralisa Brandão
Periguetes no pagode baiano: speeches and performancesDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Fabiana Leonel de Castro
Popular, erudite, modern: architecture, culture, and identityPost-doctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Marta Prista
Practices and representations of the body in Bengali IndiaPost-doctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureConcluded+Sandra C. S. Marques
Práticas sustentáveis: um estudo sobre o pós-folclorismo em Portugal no século XXI (EcoMusic)National projectPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Maria do Rosário Pestana (INET-md)
Re-interpreting tradition: relational ethics in a Japanese rural communityDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Ricardo Santos Alexandre
RELAB - Labour relations in Portugal and the Lusophone World 1800-2000: continuity and changeNational projectPractices and Politics of CultureConcluded+Raquel Varela (IHC-NOVA FCSH)
Shaping voids and building bridges: towards an ethic and legal framework and societal approach to Portuguese human identified skeletal collections (HISC)Researcher contractPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Francisca Alves Cardoso
Skeletal records: assessing health through osteological and historical dataPost-doctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureConcluded+Francisca Alves Cardoso
Territorial marketing and urban regeneration: a perspective of the projects "Parque das Nações"(Lisbon) and "La Confluence" (Lyon)Doctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Cecília Avelino
The Mediterranean diet as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. For an ethnography of its practices, impacts and touristic uses in Portugal and MoroccoPost-doctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Joana Lucas
The new storytelling performances and the limits of tradition: a comparative study between Rio de Janeiro and Cariri CearenseDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Maria Isabel Machado Lemos
The osseous material of the Anatomy Museum of UFPA: paleobiological studyInternational projectPractices and Politics of CultureConcluded+Francisca Alves Cardoso
The power of dance instruction. Latin social dances and the promotion of gender equality in PortugalDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Ana Fonseca Figueiredo
The reinvented heritage: "patrimonialisation" of the intangible heritage in PortugalDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Rita Jerónimo da Silva
The technical household: three generations speakingDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Constança Vieira de Andrade
Tourism and cinema in Portugal: local perspectives on the production, circulation and reception of (trans)national texts and practicesPost-doctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureConcluded+Sofia Sampaio
Tourism and national identification in Cape VerdePost-doctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureConcluded+Eduarda Rovisco
Tourism and transnational cinema: representations, fictions and cultural materialismPost-doctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureConcluded+Sofia Sampaio
Transnational flows of female orishas performative in African-Brazilian cults in LisbonDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Tathiane Batista
Urban dance (s) and construction of angolanidade. Cultural policies of the Angolan State in contemporary timesDoctoral researchPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+André Soares
We are the MediterraneanNational projectPractices and Politics of CultureOngoing+Filipe Reis
Work on screen: a study of social memories and identities through cinemaNational projectPractices and Politics of CultureConcluded+Luísa Veloso (CIES-IUL)