Visual Anthropology and Arts Laboratory (NAVA)

[Thematic Line]

Coordination: Catarina Alves Costa, Sónia Vespeira de Almeida and Joana Miguel Almeida

The thematic line Visual Anthropology and Arts Laboratory (NAVA) aims to build a platform of debate and research in the areas of anthropology of art and anthropology of performance that will revolve around both the still and the moving image, and around the ‘worlds of art’ and their network of intentions. It creates a convergence space within CRIA for all researchers working in anthropology that have an interest in visual research. This interest includes the production, creation, presentation, circulation and reception of artistic and visual production in several different contexts. Within this framework, NAVA seeks to, on the one hand, welcome and encourage ethnographies of artistic and visual practices as well as the circulation and reception of the arts of visual cultures, and, on the other hand, foment and reflect upon a methodological dialogue between art and anthropology.

NAVA aims to articulate these academic interests with film and artistic production, particularly of ethnographic character, enhancing the effort to bridge the worlds of arts and cinema with academia, and vice versa. This approach is characterized by an important process of self-reflexivity. Film production is especially encouraged, and a support network of human and technical resources is available to researchers who want to incorporate visual methods in their projects. In this scope, NAVA works in close collaboration with the Audiovisual Laboratory and actively promotes the participation of post-graduate students of Digital Visual Cultures (ISCTE-IUL) and Anthropology: Visual Cultures (NOVA FCSH).

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Other researchers
  • Alexandra Baixinho (Goldsmiths College)
  • Alfredo Martins (ator e encenador, Teatro Meia Volta)
  • Ana Rita Matias (antropóloga, realizadora)
  • Catarina Faria (antropóloga)
  • Catarina Laranjeiro (CES-UC)
  • Catarina Leal (coordenadora de comunicação)
  • Cláudia Freire (Museu Bordalo Pinheiro)
  • Cristina de Branco (Mutirão – Associação Cultural)
  • Eva Ângelo (realizadora)
  • Eveline Araújo (antropóloga-cineasta, Cine Tornado Festiva, GRAVI-USP)
  • Joana Roque de Pinho (CEI-IUL)
  • João Meirinhos (realizador, editor e produtor, Filmes Sombra)
  • José Manuel Peláez Ropero (CECS-UMinho)
  • Lana Almeida (FBAUL)
  • Lídia Cordeiro (arquiteta, artista plástica e antropóloga)
  • Lorenzo Bordonaro (antropólogo e artista plástico, UTAD)
  • Melissa Rodrigues (antropóloga)
  • Paulo Augusto Franco (Fundação Getulio Vargas)
  • Rita Alcaire (CES-UC)
  • Sara Trindade (Câmara Municipal de Lisboa)
  • Sílvia Lézico (designer)
  • Susana Pereira (antropóloga, artista, escritora)