Matan Shapiro

Academic degree: Doctorate
Category: Associated researchers
Institutional subunit: ISCTE-IUL
Research group: Circulation and Place-Making
Thematic line:
Research interests: Ethics | Affect | Play
Research contexts: Brazil
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Biographical note

In 2013, Matan Shapiro completed his PhD in Social Anthropology at University College London (UCL), being now an Honorary Research Associate with the Anthropology Department at UCL and a post-doctoral fellow at Haifa University, Israel. His PhD research in low-income contexts of the state of Maranhão, Northeast Brazil, attempts to explicate the rapid and often surprisingly flexible transformations in the shape and content of local networks of relatedness. The focus is on the microscripts by which interconnected sets of intimate relations are locally made and destroyed across such diverse social domains as the house(hold), the street, the bar, the public square, and the religious house of worship. His theoretical work joins a growing body of contemporary anthropological literature on morality and relatedness, which seeks integration between enduring collective classifications and the fleeting character of affective experience.


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