Maria Silvério

Academic degree: Master’s
Category: PhD students full members
Institutional subunit: ISCTE-IUL
Research group: Circulation and Place-Making
Thematic line:
Research interests: Non-Consensual Monogamy | Swinging | Polyamory | Open Relationship | Free Relationships | Relationship Anarchy
Research contexts: Portugal | Brazil
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Biographical note

PhD student in Anthropology at ISCTE-IUL (Instituto Universitário de Lisboa), Maria Silvério is the author of the book “Swing: Eu, tu… eles”. Holding a master degree in Anthropology with emphasis on Migration, Globalization and Multiculturalism at ISCTE-IUL (2011-2013), she is a researcher at CRIA and a volunteer researcher at the Observatory of Inequalities (2012-2016) at CIES-IUL. She graduated in Social Communication / Journalism (2003-2007) at PUC-MG (Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais).

Maria Silvériopub427*2014ArticleSILVÉRIO, Maria, 2014, "Gênero, sexualidade e swing: a ressignificação de valores através da troca de casais", Sexualidad, Salud y Sociedad, 18: 111-139, ISSN: 1984-6487.
Maria Silvériopub427*2014ArticleSILVÉRIO, Maria, 2014, "Swing em Portugal: uma interpretação antropológica da troca de casais", Etnográfica, 18 (3): 551-574, ISSN: 0873-6561, E-ISSN:
Maria Silvériopub427*2014BookSILVÉRIO, Maria, 2014, Swing: Eu, Tu… Eles, Lisboa, Chiado, ISBN: 9789895117840.
Maria Silvériopub427*2016Book chapterSILVÉRIO, Maria, 2016, "A etnografia encontra o swing: reflexões do trabalho de campo sobre a troca de casais", in Humberto Martins, Paulo Mendes (orgs.), Trabalho de Campo: Envolvimento e Experiências em Antropologia, Lisboa, Imprensa de Ciências Sociais, pp. 139-158, ISBN: 978-972-671-374-6.

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pub427*Maria SilvérioResearch scholarproj114*Me, you...them: alternative conjugalities in the 21st CenturyDoctoral researchOngoing+