Governance, Policies and Livelihoods

Coordination: Ana Luísa Micaelo and Antónia Pedroso de Lima

Historically, anthropologists have studied people’s livelihoods and social identifications by examining how they are shaped by culturally conditioned goals as well as by social norms and policies. Mainstream approaches towards the study of policy focus on the ‘problems’ policies are designed to address and on how to bridge the bemoaned gap between theory and practice. The adoption of an anthropological perspective turns both the policies themselves and people’s livelihoods into objects of study. This entails a broader project of cultural, political and economic analysis by focusing on the processes which connect policies, livelihoods, cultural meanings, categories of people and institutions. It requires paying attention to the workings of governmentality and to relations of power and inequality. Through which processes, for example, are different sections of the population categorized into groups (youth, migrants, minorities and others)? In what ways do people respond to public policies and to the concerns of everyday life?

The research group Governance, Policies, Livelihoods, addresses these kinds of questions by focusing on: 1) the elaboration and implementation of policies; 2) the complex power relations between people and institutions; 3) the production and contestation of discourses regarding social rights and obligations; 4) identity politics; 5) cultural representations of idealized lifestyles. The main focus of these studies is on areas such as family, health, social work, consumption, work, security and crime, gender, justice and human rights. Research results also feed into public engagement initiatives to provide fresh insights for policy development and adjustment.

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Tiago Silveiro de Oliveira Associated researchers
Vanessa Iglésias Amorim PhD students full members
Vera Silva PhD students full members
Xénia Venusta de Carvalho Associated researchers
TitleTypeResearch groupStatusInfoLeading researcher
To be or not to be someone': reconstruction of identities by unemployed and precarious workers in Baixa da BanheiraPost-doctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Inês Fonseca
"Feeling of others": dynamics of informal solidarity in the integration of refugeesDoctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Dora Rebelo
A Europa é o Cacém. Mobilidades, gênero e sexualidade nos deslocamentos de jovens brasileiros para PortugalDoctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Paula Togni
An anthropological study of the Festas Nicolinas in GuimarãesCommissionedGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Jean-Yves Durand
BIRTH - Building intrapartum research through health: an interdisciplinary whole system approach to understanding and contextualising physiological labour and birthNetworkGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Soo Downe (University of Central Lancashire)
Care as sustainability in crisis situationsNational projectGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Antónia Pedroso de Lima
Childbirth cultures, concerns, and consequences: creating a dynamic EU framework for optimal maternity careNetworkGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Soo Downe (University of Central Lancashire)
Contemporary cultural processes related to maternity in Portugal and England: an ethnographic studyResearcher contractGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Joanna White
Copos, corpos e afetos: Género, sexualidade e imigração nas Casas de AlterneDoctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Lira Dolabella
Crafting Good Citizens: the Politics of crafting Indian Citizens from Catholics in GoaPost-doctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Jason Keith Fernandes
Crescer na (in)diferençaDoctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Margarida Moz
Diamang Company of Angola (Diamang) - Service of Information: a memory subv(m)ersive memoryNational projectGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Jorge Varanda
Doença, medicina e Império: a doença do sono na Guiné portuguesa (1855-1974)Doctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Luís Neves Costa
Ecotopias, environmentalism and care as sustainability; contributions from intentional communities, permaculture and lifestyle intentional changingDoctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Cristiana Vale Pires
Education for human rights: a daily practice?International projectGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Sara Andrade (Rede Inducar, CRL)
Elaboration of the registry of the Bom Despacho pilgrimage in the INPCI (Intangible Cultural Heritage National Inventory)CommissionedGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Jean-Yves Durand
Elaboration of the registry of the Senhora do Alívio pilgrimage in the INPCI (Intangible Cultural Heritage National Inventory)CommissionedGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Jean-Yves Durand
Em defesa dos Direitos Humanos. Centro de acolhimento da UHSA para migrantes irregulares. Porto, PortugalCommissionedGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Cristina Santinho
Equality and cultural difference in the practice of Portuguese courts: Challenges and opportunities for an inclusive society (InclusiveCourts)National projectGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Patrícia Jerónimo (Uminho)
Factores de apropriação e construção identitária em torno da casa: estudo de caso - Bairro da Malagueira / Siza VieiraDoctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Mário Afonso Gomes
Gender configurations in female prisons: permanences, continuities and variationsDoctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Vera Silva
Generations and governance: youth, aging and public politics in compared contextsNetworkGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Antónia Pedroso de Lima
Governação, transformações políticas e negociação de quotidianos: Portugal 2008-2018 (LiVEPOLITICS)National projectGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Antónia Pedroso de Lima
Gypsies, markets and horses: two ways of 'doing business' - social and economic networks and itineraries of Gypsy families in Greater Lisbon and the AlgarvePost-doctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Micol Brazzabeni
Hospitalidade de refugiados e migrantes no norte de PortugalPost-doctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Elizabeth Challinor
Human security in prison: perspectives, subjectivities and experiences - a contribution to the anthropology of securityInternational projectGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Catarina Frois
Image wars: the crossroads of nationhood, migration and the re-writing of history in art and popular visual culture in contemporary ItalyResearcher contractGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Paolo Favero
Immigrant motherhood at the cross-roads: engaging with self, others and the stateResearcher contractGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Elizabeth Challinor
Immigrants and the social care sectors: technologies of citizenship in PortugalNational projectGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Chiara Pussetti
Inmate art, identify and resistance: mapping the carceral experienceDoctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Daniel Maciel
Kumida di Téra é Sabi: eating habits, identity and memoryDoctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Tiago Silveiro de Oliveira
LISS - Living in surveillance societiesNetworkGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+William Webster (University of Stirling, UK)
Migrations, integration and co-development in EuropeNetworkGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Fausto Amico (project coordinator)
Mobile citizens and the State: Cape Verdeans in PortugalResearcher contractGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Elizabeth Challinor
Neoliberalism, reconfiguration of the Welfare State and unemployment: a comparative study between Portugal and UKPost-doctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Patrícia Alves de Matos
Offender supervision in EuropeNetworkGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Fergus McNeill (University of Glasgow)
On the margins and in transit: mental health and good intentions in a nonprofit organisation on the outskirts of LisbonDoctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Joana Catela
Paper prisons: morality and ethics in contexts of incarcerationDoctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Afonso de Castro Bento
Preparatory document for the 1st Lisbon City Council Plan for Gender EqualityCommissionedGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Antónia Pedroso de Lima
Public health policies and therapeutic practices: suffering and treatment strategies of migrants in the Greater Lisbon areaNational projectGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Chiara Pussetti
Recalling a neglected disease: an historical-anthropological view of Human African Trypanosomiasis (sleeping sickness) in Angola, ca. 1900s-presentNational projectGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Jorge Varanda
Refugees: vulnerability, resilience and inclusion in a democratic society, in the context of socio-economic crisisPost-doctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Cristina Santinho
Roça, mato e máscara: autonomia e liberdade em São ToméDoctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Emiliano Dantas
Safar a vida: uncertainty, informality and crisis in Setúbal and Olhão fishing communitiesDoctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Vanessa Iglésias Amorim
Sao-tomense traditional medicine in Portugal: healing systems and therapeutic practicesDoctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Rita Rodrigues
Security in context: an anthropological study on contexts, polices and practices of security in 21st century PortugalResearcher contractGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Catarina Frois
Social, cultural and structural barriers to HIV testing: from risk practices to health careNational projectGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Marta Maia
Solidarity, volunteering and care: motivations, practices and social impact of moral economies in a crisis contextDoctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Fernanda Rivas Oliveira
T-SHaRE: Transcultural skills for health and careInternational projectGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Rosa dell'Aversana (project coordinator)
The dream of the enchanted gringo: Brazilian women in Germany between mobilities, affection and transnational careDoctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Juliana dos Santos Pereira Moraes
The emergence and decline of new networks of activism in anti-austerity protests in PortugalDoctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Alexandre Costa
The house of debt: credit constraints and house ownership in contemporary PortugalPost-doctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Ana Luísa Micaelo
The labyrinths of power: an ethnography of the Assembly of the RepublicDoctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+João Mineiro
The medicalisation of maternity in Portugal and England: an ethnographic studyResearcher contractGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Joanna White
Therapeutic adherence in diabetes: relationships, meanings and behaviorsPost-doctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Marta Maia
Uma ilha na península: vinda, estadia e integração de refugiados da África lusófona pós-independência no Centro de Acolhimento para Refugiados de PenicheDoctoral researchGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsOngoing+Alexandre Audigane
Vaccination, society and the administration of the body: anthropological approachesNational projectGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Manuela Ivone Cunha
Waking up traditionsCommissionedGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+Jean-Yves Durand
WE - Wor(l)ds which ExcludeInternational projectGovernance, Policies and LivelihoodsConcluded+n.a.