Daniela Rodrigues

Academic degree: Master’s
Category: PhD students full members
Institutional subunit: NOVA FCSH
Research group: Circulation and Place-Making
Thematic line: NAVA
Research interests: Transnationalism | Material culture | Heritagisation processes I Drawing and Anthropology
Research contexts: Portugal | Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
Contact: m.daniela.r@gmail.com
More information: link

Biographical note

Daniela Rodrigues is an anthropologist also interested in sketching and documentary filmmaking. Professionally and academically, she collaborated in various projects in the areas of Roma and migrant studies, co-development, fair trade, non-formal education, urban sketching, ethnic minority media and documentary film in NGODs, consumer cooperatives and associations such as SOS Racismo, CIDAC, Mó de Vida and DZMP – Luksuz produkcija (Slovenia). At CRIA she collaborated as a research assistant with an FCT scholarship in the projects “Immigrant families in dispute: ‘internal’ agencies, media debates and political practices” (2010/2012) and “Atlantic crossings: materiality, contemporary movements and policies of belonging” (2013). Presently, she is a PhD student, with an FCT scholarship, focusing on Portuguese emigration to Brazil, material culture and heritagisation processes. At CRIA, she belongs to NAVA – Visual Anthropology and Arts and she co-organised the first edition of FACA – Visual Anthropology and Arts Fest (2014).

Daniela Rodriguespub268*2016Edited bookCORRE?A, Adriano Mattos; GANDUM, Ana; RODRIGUES, Daniela (orgs.), 2016, coisa de la? / aqui ja? esta? sumindo eu, Belo Horizonte, Piseagrama, ISBN: 978-85-67173-01-6. [multimédia]link
Daniela Rodriguespub268*2014ArticleRODRIGUES, Daniela, 2014, "Os últimos pioneiros: memórias de um ritual", Cadernos de Arte e Antropologia, 3 (1): 61-76, E-ISSN: 2238-0361.

IDResearcherPositionProjTitleProject typeStatus+
pub268*Daniela RodriguesResearch scholarproj108*Transnational everyday life's stuff: circulation of objects and heritagization of culture on the move, a case study between Portugal and BrasilDoctoral researchOngoing+
pub268*Daniela RodriguesResearch scholarproj12*Atlantic crossings: materiality, contemporary movements and policies of belongingNational projectConcluded+
pub268*Daniela RodriguesResearch scholarproj8*Immigrant families in dispute: "internal" agencies, media debates and political practicesNational projectConcluded+