Circulation and Place-Making

Coordination: João Leal and Sónia Ferreira

Circulation and mobilities in contemporary life have been two important topics of research in anthropology, whose focus on migration, transnationalism, cosmopolitanisms, and travelling cultural forms has stressed flow and interactive forms of sociality and belonging. This focus on circulation has also led to an interest in immobility, namely, forms of place-making and reterritorialization, forced geographical inertia, the politics of autochthony or the production of belonging.

The main objective of this group is to explore these themes by fostering research on: (a) movements of people, particularly those connected with international migration; (b) the connections between these movements and the (re)configuration of socialities, relations and group-making; (c) the articulation of movements of people and religious phenomena. In each case, the objective is to examine the dialectic between mobility/immobility, flow/closure and social and cultural transformations.

This research agenda is being carried out in several contexts, with an emphasis on Portugal, Latin America (especially in Brazil), and other Portuguese-speaking countries.

Our aim is to contribute to on-going anthropological debates on forms of movement and roots-making by exploring: (a) the diverse regimes of mobility in Portugal (immigration and emigration) and its subjectivities; and (b) the development of various modes of religious transnationalism that connect the circulation of people, cultural forms and imagination.

Within this framework, we intend to: (a) foster follow-up research on immigrant groups in Portugal (remigrations, social mobilities, new aspirations and expectations, etc.); (b) incite studies on Portuguese emigration, with a special focus on lesser known or recent migratory contexts, in Brazil and other Portuguese-speaking countries and in Europe; (c) create the conditions for a more integrated discussion of forms of transnational circulation of religion and other modes of movement and creativity in the religious realm.

These research concerns and approaches are articulated with other lines of research within CRIA, focusing on tourism, public policies on migration, religions diversity, among others.

Name Category
Alice Viola Associated researchers
Amaya Sumpsi PhD students full members
Ambra Formenti Full members
Ana Saraiva Associated researchers
Ana Stela Cunha Associated researchers
Anastasios Panagiotopoulos Full members
Anna Fedele Full members
Caio Novaes PhD students full members
Cecília Menduni Luís PhD students full members
Christophe Pons Visiting researchers
Cristina Moreno Associated researchers
Daniel Muralhas Trainees
Daniela Rodrigues PhD students full members
Diana Espírito Santo Associated researchers
Donizete Rodrigues Full members
Enrique Bengochea Tirado Full members
Eugenia Roussou Full members
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Filomena Batoréu Associated researchers
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Hélène Veiga Gomes Associated researchers
Inês Belo Gomes PhD students full members
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Marcos de Araújo Silva Full members
Maria Cardeira da Silva Full members
Maria João Fernandes PhD students full members
Maria Silvério PhD students full members
Marina Pignatelli Full members
Matan Shapiro Associated researchers
Miguel Vale de Almeida Full members
Nuno Mora PhD students full members
Octávio Sacramento Associated researchers
Pedro Antunes PhD students full members
Pedro Pestana Soares PhD students full members
Peter Anton Zoettl Full members
Raquel Carvalheira Full members
Rita Lobo Guimarães PhD students full members
Rodrigo Lacerda PhD students full members
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Sónia Ramalho PhD students full members
Susana Trovão Full members
Valerio Simoni Riba Associated researchers
Vera Azevedo PhD students full members
Vera Marques Associated researchers
Yoriko Tatsumi Visiting researchers
TitleTypeResearch groupStatusInfoLeading researcher
"I have already become an image": heritage and identity in indigenous cinema in BrazilDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Rodrigo Lacerda
"M t'studa p'm k ter vida k nha mãe tem / Estudo para não ter a mesma vida da minha mãe": relações de género e poder: narrativas e práticas de mulheres cabo-verdianas em Portugal e Cabo VerdeDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Celeste Fortes
"Selfing": contact, magic and the constitution of personhoodNational projectCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+David Picard
(Post-)Rural houses between 1900 and 2015: Architectural expressions and identity trajectoriesDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Ana Saraiva
Afro-Brazilian religions in PortugalInternational projectCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Ana Stela Cunha
After death. The intangible restoration of the Commendation of SoulsDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Pedro Antunes
Almost perfect returns: ethnography of war memory in Angola (1971-1973)Doctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Maria José Lobo Antunes
Alternative maternities in Portugal: gender, religion and corporealityPost-doctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Anna Fedele
Another Islam: Barelwi transnationalism between Lisbon and Nova SofalaDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Pedro Pestana Soares
Atlantic crossings: materiality, contemporary movements and policies of belongingNational projectCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Marta Vilar Rosales (ICS-UL)
Between islands: ethnographies of circulation in the AzoresDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Amaya Sumpsi
Body, identity ethnicity: an ethnography of Lisbon gymnasiumsDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Caio Novaes
Brazilian travesties in Portugal: itineraries, identities and ambiguitiesDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Francisco Luís
Caboclos Nkisis: 'Bantu' space and identity in Brazil and CubaInternational projectCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Ana Stela Cunha
CAPSAHARA - Critical approaches to politics, social activism, and Islamic militancy in the Western Saharan regionInternational projectCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Francisco Freire
Colonialism contemporary legacy in the Portuguese society through the prism of migrationsPost-doctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Irène Strijdhorst dos Santos
Controversial commodities: the transformations of relationships in the realm of tourism in CubaPost-doctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Valerio Simoni Riba
Cosmological innovation in contemporary Brazilian Umbanda and its impact on inter-religious self-definition and legitimationPost-doctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Diana Espírito Santo
Cosmopolitan highways of shamansDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Lisa Lazzarini
Crisis and local and transnational dynamics in the Western Mediterranean: sociopolitical changes, mobilizations and diaspora (CRISDINTRANS)International projectCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Ana Planet Contreras (UAM)
Crossing paths: the instantiation of destiny in Afro-Cuban religions and Cuban socialismPost-doctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Anastasios Panagiotopoulos
Crossing the border: identity and "africaness" in Afro Cuban-Brazilian religionsPost-doctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Ana Stela Cunha
Cultivating the magical other: heritage politics and formations of modernityResearcher contractCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+David Picard
Diversities, spaces and migrations in the entrepreneurial cityNational projectCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Manuela Mendes (CIAUD, FA-ULisboa)
Dramaturgical atractions for the real: an ethnography of the actor-nonactorDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Teresa Fradique
Ethnographies of heritage processes in colonial and postcolonial contexts in Cape VerdeDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Rita Lobo Guimarães
Europe as imaginary process. Undocumented in Lisbon: between the precariousness and the integrationDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Cecília Menduni Luís
Fatima, one century after the apparitions: pilgrimage, gender and lived religion (IC)Researcher contractCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Anna Fedele
Fatima, one century after the apparitions: pilgrimage, gender and lived religion (PN)National projectCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Anna Fedele
HERILIGION - The heritagization of religion and the sacralization of heritage in contemporary EuropeInternational projectCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Oscar Salemink (University of Copenhagen)
Immigrant families in dispute: "internal" agencies, media debates and political practicesNational projectCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Susana Trovão
Islam and family in Portugal: conjugality, gender and plurality of trajectoriesPost-doctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Raquel Carvalheira
Jill Rosemary Dias: documental, photographic and bibliographic archivesNational projectCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Maria Cardeira da Silva
Knowledge, power and mediations: the governance of Islam in Mozambique (1933-1974)Doctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Sandra Araújo
Macanese transnational families: appropriation and negotiation of "diaspora"Doctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Cristina Moreno
Mandinga for export: a globalização da CapoeiraDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Ricardo Nascimento
Me, you...them: alternative conjugalities in the 21st CenturyDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Maria Silvério
Mulheres na luta armada em Angola: memória, cultura e emancipaçãoDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Margarida Paredes
Neopagan groups and pilgrimages in Portugal and their relationship with the transnational American and European Neopagan movementPost-doctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Anna Fedele
New patterns of migration to and from Portugal: comparing the Guinean and the Portuguese casePost-doctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Ambra Formenti
No tempo do "mellah": lembrança, memória e a arquitectura como mnemónica do lugar dos judeus na cidade muçulmanaDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Nuno Mora
On and off air: an ethnographic exploration of minority radio in PortugalDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Inês David
Our music, our world: musical associations, wind bands, and local communities (1880-2018)National projectCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Maria do Rosário Pestana (INET-md)
Out of the monument: memories of the 1940 ExhibitionCommissionedCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Maria Cardeira da Silva
Participatory video as a tool for anthropological researchPost-doctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Peter Anton Zoettl
Passional Atlantic: mobilities and Euro-Brazilian transnational configurations of intimacyDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Octávio Sacramento
Portuguese castles aboard II: Heritage, tourism and Portuguese cultural cooperation in African contextsNational projectCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Maria Cardeira da Silva
Portuguese muslins in postcolonial contexts: capitals ethno-religious and transnational practices between Lisbon and LuandaDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Filomena Batoréu
Religion in/of crisis: pluralism, spiritual creativity and healing in Portugal and GreecePost-doctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Eugenia Roussou
Religious boundaries in transcendence: "new age", pluralism and spiritual creativity in contemporary LisbonPost-doctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Eugenia Roussou
Religious memories and heritage practices in the Mediterranean: confessional coexistence and heritage assertion (MERAP-MED)National projectCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Cyril Isnart (CIDEHUS-UÉ)
Ritual, ethnicity and transnationalism: Holy Ghost Festivals in North AmericaNational projectCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+João Leal
Speaking of crisis: divination in circulation between different contexts of crisisPost-doctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Anastasios Panagiotopoulos
Spiritual transmission and fabrication of religious heritage around the Mediterranean. Individual experiences (Transrelex)International projectCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Cyril Isnart (UMR IDEMEC)
Spiteful strategies: the ontogeny and practice of spite in human interactions, an experimental game theory approachDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+André Almeida
Surfers and fishermen: sport, work and heritage in EriceiraDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Vera Azevedo
The elusive governance: power relations and identity strategies around Islam in colonial, anticolonial and post-colonial practicesResearcher contractCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Mário Machaqueiro
The invisibility of death among immigrant populations in Portugal: vulnerabilities and transnational managementsNational projectCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Clara Saraiva
The Market beyond the "traditional": Heritage discourses, urban rehabilitation and translocalismDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Inês Belo Gomes
The relevance of the tribal idioms in contemporary Muslim societies: political conformation and anthropological revisionsPost-doctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Francisco Freire
The thread and the plot of the antimafia in SicilyDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Simona Tomarchio
The transformation of intimate and economic lives in Cuban tourism and migrationPost-doctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Valerio Simoni Riba
Transnational everyday life's stuff: circulation of objects and heritagization of culture on the move, a case study between Portugal and BrasilDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Daniela Rodrigues
Transnational families from Sao Tome and Principe: gender and intergenerational dynamicsDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Sónia Ramalho
Uneven borders: citizenship, mobility and inequalityPost-doctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingConcluded+Ines Hasselberg
Waiting for the future : an ethnography of citizenship and subjectivity at the end of compulsory educationDoctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Maria João Fernandes
Youth marginality and youth delinquency in the Lusophone world: a visual-anthropological research projectPost-doctoral researchCirculation and Place-MakingOngoing+Peter Anton Zoettl