Body, identity ethnicity: an ethnography of Lisbon gymnasiums

Leading researcher: Caio Novaes
Research group: Circulation and Place-Making
Type of project: Doctoral research
Status: Ongoing
Keywords: Body | Identity | Ethnicity

Main institution: CRIA
Participant institutions: n.a.
Funding: CAPES (Brasil)
Reference: Doutorado pleno (1036/12-2)
Starting date: 01-09-11

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The objective of this research is to comprehend the “symbolic economy” which guides the identity processes taking place at a gym located in the Lisbon city, understanding the incorporation of performance not only as structured by social and cultural phenomena, but as structuring occurrence of the latter. Thus, the intervenient factors, which cross this process are understood as the relationship in between aesthetic and hygienic, social class distinctions and also the influence of the Brazilian presence through the stereotyped hypersexualized image, and some “bodily knowledge” dominance. The ethnographic method I intend to build on my fieldwork will focus on the habitus incorporation, contextualized in time and space. Though, in order to capture these processes at the microscale of gesture, which I intend to investigate, it is necessary to design an observation plan and an ethnographic record adapted to subject’s complexity. The decision-making process regarding the design of this project, will be permeated by the experience of the researcher as a personal trainer and the richness of everyday events that flourish within the gyms. As a theoretical and methodological framework, I propose a review of the relationship in between body and identity, and then to unveil the body’s agency in this process, understanding the perception / action continuum. The issue of identity embedded in the scenario of modernity will be presented followed finally by the methodological design that I intend to build.

Researchers from CRIA

IDNamePositionProjTitleProject typeStatus
pub118*Filomena SilvanoSupervisorproj79*Body, identity ethnicity: an ethnography of Lisbon gymnasiumsDoctoral researchOngoing
pub139*Miguel Vale de AlmeidaSupervisorproj79*Body, identity ethnicity: an ethnography of Lisbon gymnasiumsDoctoral researchOngoing
pub378*Caio NovaesResearch scholarproj79*Body, identity ethnicity: an ethnography of Lisbon gymnasiumsDoctoral researchOngoing
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