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Portugal | Brazil | Europe

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Fishing comunities | Space and representations | Anthropology of Images

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Graduated in Criminal law and Criminology (Aix-Marseille, France), she holds a PhD in Ethnology (Paris X-Nanterre). Assistant professor in the Department of Education Sciences of the University of Madeira since 1997. From 19 October 2012, she is in the Department of Art and Design at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. Post-graduation in Brazil (1995-1996) at the Federal University of Pará. She developed research on artisanal fishing communities (specifically in Brazil, Portugal, France, and Europe), with emphasis on ethno-technology (fishing techniques), anthropology of space (practices and representations of maritime and terrestrial spaces), work and survival strategies, sexual division of labour and gender relationships, formation of social organisations. She coordinated projects on traditional food systems in the South of France, and on populations of fishermen on the coast of the state of Pará (Brazil). She is the national coordinator (Portugal) of a European project (Q5TN-2002-01560 – CCE, DG Fisheries), and in recent years has worked in new research fields in the area of education (anthropology of education, pedagogical space, education and gender). She published several scientific articles in these areas.

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