Ana Stela Cunha

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Cuba | Brazil | Angola | Congo

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Anthropology of religion | Visual anthropology | Linguistic anthropology

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Post-doctoral researcher in Social Anthropology, holding a master and a PhD in African Linguistics. Her career has followed two distinguished but parallel paths: the academic life, as for intellectual production; and a more pragmatic life, as creator and coordinator of social projects, especially focused on education/care, ethnically marked in communities (descendants of slaves in Cuba and Brazil; African immigrants in Portugal). In 2006, she was appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil (CAPES, Brazil) as a lecturer at the University of Havana, in Cuba. She published in the areas of linguistics (education) and taught at the University of São Paulo (USP), at the Universidad de La Havana, and at ICS (Portugal). She developed educational projects in NGOs (indigenous areas in the Amazon and quilombola communities).

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