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Workshop “Conviviality and its Discontents: Religious Pluralism and Encounters in the Contemporary World”

18 Setembro - 19 Setembro

Conviviality and its Discontents: Religious Pluralism and Encounters in the Contemporary World

2017 EASA Network of Anthropology of Religion Meeting
18 e 19 de setembro, 10h-18h, Multiusos 3, Ed. ID, NOVA FCSH

Organização: CRIA, ICS-ULisboa, EASA


As the world population grows there is greater movement of people towards and between cities, across different continents and geographic landscapes. The resulting concentration of people from diverse religious backgrounds in contemporary cities has constructed a supra-diverse environment where many religions cohabit, although one in which, especially in moments of crisis and uncertainty, religion gets easily identified and reified as the main problem maker. The most recent innovations within the anthropology of religion show a tendency to be too “monistic” (the anthropology of Islam, the anthropology of Christianity, the anthropology of Catholicism, etc.). The worrying outcome is that the practicalities of actual living in multi-religious ecologies have been neglected, if not obscured, by these theoretical divides. Instead of such monolithic views, and in order to offer more realistic ethnographic portrayals of how people live in the plural world of today, we propose to focus on encounters and interactions between religions and between these and the secular.

Following initial discussions between Lisbon and Oxford, and given the urgency to produce post-Brexit reconnections between British and continental academic milieu, we apply to EASA to organize an informal but vibrant workshop in Lisbon where scholars may brainstorm models and theories based on their own fieldworks, with the intention to eventually find ways to cooperate towards the understanding of religious cohabitation and conviviality in contemporary cities both in Europe and in the global South, hopefully putting research proposals together, editing volumes, organizing major conferences, etc. This workshop, organized by three members of the Steering Committee of the Network of Anthropology of Religion (Blanes, Mapril and Sarró), will take place in the CRIA (New University, Lisbon), on the 18 and the 19 September 2017, with consecutive sessions and a final roundtable to discuss future collaborations. Speakers include Ammara Maqsood (Oxford), Charles Hirschkind (Berkeley), Clara Saraiva (CEC-Lisbon),  João Leal (CRIA-Lisbon), José Mapril (CRIA-Lisbon), Leslie Fesenmyer (Oxford),  Maria Cardeira da Silva (CRIA-Lisbon), Mike Rowlands (UCL), Nadia Fadil (KE Leuven), Ramon Sarró (Oxford), Ruy Blanes (Santiago de Compostela), Sondra Hausner (Oxford), Ambra Formenti (CRIA-Lisbon), among some others.

A final programme will be announced in early August.


18 Setembro
19 Setembro
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Av. Berna
Lisboa, Portugal
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