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Aula Aberta “On tourism social sciences. Five anthropological constellations”

17/05/2018, 18:00

Aula Aberta
“On tourism social sciences.
Five anthropological constellations”
Antonio Nogués Pedregal (Universitas Miguel Hernández)

17 de maio de 2018, 18h
Sala 0.07, Ed. ID, NOVA FCSH

Organização: CRIA, Programa Erasmus +/ NOVA FCSH  


After a countless number of socio-anthropological articles published in scientific journals, what have we learned since anthropologists realized that tourists alter the nature of the local societies they study? It is argued that five key points have been reached: (1) Tourism is another name of power. (2) The complex nature of Tourism cannot be fully understood without studying the social and cultural processes that constitute a tourism environment. (3) The socio-ecological processes that construct territory determine and are determined by the social space and the different kinds of capital distributed. (4) The industry of seduction creates a body of desires through which socio-cultural groups forge their own frame of sense and identity. (5) The potentialities shown by Tourism to mediate in the creation of meanings allow researchers to suggest alternative tourism developments

Nota biográfica

Associate professor of social anthropology at the Universitas Miguel Hernández (Spain) and former Head of the Department of Social and Human Sciences. Since late eighties, his research interests focus on the relationship between tourism, power, cultural heritage and development in Spain and Latin America, where he has carried out his fieldwork. He delivers seminars and carried out research stages as Visiting Scholar in different universities: University of Oxford (United Kingdom), KU Leuven (Belgium), Johannes Gutenberg-Universität (Germany) or Univerza v Ljubljani (Slovenja). He edited Cultura y turismo (Signatura ediciones 2003) and Culture and society in tourism contexts (Emerald 2012). Some of his scientific articles has been translated into English, German and Italian and he has been recently acknowledged as one “of the [two] most important scholars of the anthropology of tourism in Spain since the 1990s” Anthropology News 55 (9-10), pp. 31.


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