Waking up traditions

Leading researcher: Jean-Yves Durand
Research group: Governance, Policies and Livelihoods
Type of project: Commissioned
Status: Concluded
Keywords: Terras de Bouro | Ethnography | Cultural transmission

Main institution: Associação Socio Cultural de Valdosende
Participant institutions: CRIA
Funding: EDP
Reference: n.a.
Starting date: 01-04-17

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Description of the traditional practices that can be observed nowadays in Terras de Bouro or of their traces. Observation of their modes of transmission or representation in the present.

Researchers from CRIA

IDNamePositionProjTitleProject typeStatus
pub74*Jean-Yves DurandPrincipal investigatorproj309*Waking up traditionsCommissionedConcluded
pub258*Maria João NunesResearcherproj309*Waking up traditionsCommissionedConcluded
Other researchers