T-SHaRE: Transcultural skills for health and care

Leading researcher: Rosa dell’Aversana (project coordinator)
Research group: Governance, Policies and Livelihoods
Type of project: International project
Status: Concluded
Keywords: Intercultural-mediation | Health | Care | Health services | Training | Immigrants

Main institution: Azienda Sanitaria Locale Napoli 2 Nord (Italia)
Participant institutions: CRIA (ISCTE-IUL); Fanon; Minkowska; NAKMI; Shen; KD Gmajna; Folkeuniversitetet; ARACNE
Funding: EC – Leonardo Da Vinci
Reference: 504666-LLP-2009-1-IT-Leonardo-LMP
Starting date: 01-11-09

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T-SHaRE project intends to improve the organization of health services to make them more accessible to migrants, to improve the relation and communication between health professionals, cultural mediators and immigrant Communities, to enhance the migrant’s values and approaches, their knowledge and competences related to health and health care. That means to define, enhance and recognize the expertise of cultural mediation in the health care sector in order to remove forms of exclusion, rejection or misunderstanding that often occur in health services, when the users have a hard time orienting themselves in a system of signs, interpretations, procedures and interventions that are often distant or disrespectful of their condition and culture. In particular, today functions and responsibilities of the cultural mediator in the area of health care are not clearly defined or shared in the Member State and at the European level. This often creates misunderstandings with health care providers and physicians, which affect the intervention. This emerges particularly in the complex and delicate area of migrant women’s health and mental health, where the health dimension is closely related with the social, cultural, relational, legal and economic dimension: migrant women have an higher index of neonatal mortality and preterm / low weight births; migrants with psychiatric needs find often difficulties to access to and to receive psychiatric treatment. Furthermore, immigrants in the EU territory are not only users of health services, but sometimes they have and bring to Europe knowledge, practices, cultural representations of illness and health, medical practices, help relationships, which potentially represent an opportunity for innovation and improvement of European health models for all European citizens. T-SHaRE will then bring out different visions and practices in the field of health and care, with a view to make them talk. The main aims of the project is to study these problem and develop methodologies and tools for the establishment and training of inter-professional and cross-cultural teams working in the health care service, and for the recognition of competences learned in a non-formal and informal settings both from practitioners and from cultural mediators.

Researchers from CRIA

IDNamePositionProjTitleProject typeStatus
pub38*Chiara PussettiPrincipal Investigatorproj14*T-SHaRE: Transcultural skills for health and careInternational projectConcluded
pub110*Cristina SantinhoResearcherproj14*T-SHaRE: Transcultural skills for health and careInternational projectConcluded
pub205*Joana SantosResearcherproj14*T-SHaRE: Transcultural skills for health and careInternational projectConcluded
pub227*Sílvia OlivençaResearcherproj14*T-SHaRE: Transcultural skills for health and careInternational projectConcluded
pub229*Francesco VacchianoResearcherproj14*T-SHaRE: Transcultural skills for health and careInternational projectConcluded
pub50*Elizabeth ChallinorResearcherproj14*T-SHaRE: Transcultural skills for health and careInternational projectConcluded
Other researchers

Carla MoleiroResearcherproj14*T-SHaRE: Transcultural skills for health and care