Roça, mato e máscara: autonomia e liberdade em São Tomé

Leading researcher: Emiliano Dantas
Research group: Governance, Policies and Livelihoods
Type of project: Doctoral research
Status: Ongoing
Keywords: Visual anthropology | Rural anthropology | Photography | Decolonial studies

Main institution: CRIA
Participant institutions: n.a.
Funding: ISCTE-IUL
Reference: n.a.
Starting date: 08-09-16

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What leads the former workers of the cocoa plantations in São Tomé to remain in these places without electricity, sometimes without drinking water, with poor roads and invisible by the agricultural work that is considered of lesser value? And why do these people present an assumption of freedom speech? This research will attempt to explore these issues based on Ingold’s (2012) notion of environment as something that surrounds and involves things and life, where the person is a being-in-the-world. Guided by an integrated vision between nature and culture, I intend to produce an ethnography with images, inspired by what Paulo Freire called the cultural circle. In this perspective, I will adapt cultural circles to the use of photography as a mask that may serve for the Sao Tomeans to reveal or conceal their identities. They will be authors of visual narratives, which will allow them to reflect and analyze what they oppress, how they create resistance strategies to deal with the difficulties of life, and what autonomy means for the assumption of freedom.

Researchers from CRIA

IDNamePositionProjTitleProject typeStatus
pub153*Paulo RaposoSupervisorproj337*Roça, mato e máscara: autonomia e liberdade em São ToméDoctoral researchOngoing
pub549*Emiliano DantasResearch scholarproj337*Roça, mato e máscara: autonomia e liberdade em São ToméDoctoral researchOngoing
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