Practices and representations of the body in Bengali India

Leading researcher: Sandra C. S. Marques
Research group: Practices and Politics of Culture
Type of project: Post-doctoral research
Status: Concluded
Keywords: Body | India | Bengal | Cultural practices and politics | Heritage and identities

Main institution: CRIA
Participant institutions: n.a.
Funding: FCT
Reference: SFRH/BPD/63308/2009
Starting date: 01-02-10

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This research, focused on West Bengal, India, contributes to the field of studies that examines the practices and representations of the body as mediators of identity construction and ascription. It aims to document and analyze the performance of these modes of practice in interpersonal relationships and their impact on the perceptions of the Self and the Other. It examines the ways in which they mark relations of power and difference in economic and social privileges, and in which they serve negotiating processes of inclusion and exclusion, through the inscription of the bodies in different communities of belonging. The other goal of this project is the strengthening of the analysis of visual representations and the application of visual methodologies to the research process. In the line of the work started in 2004, I assume the visual document and the elicitation of information from it as a key instrument to access knowledge.

Researchers from CRIA

IDNamePositionProjTitleProject typeStatus
pub31*Brian Juan O'NeillSupervisorproj29*Practices and representations of the body in Bengali IndiaPost-doctoral researchConcluded
pub174*Sandra C. S. MarquesResearch scholarproj29*Practices and representations of the body in Bengali IndiaPost-doctoral researchConcluded
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