Popular, erudite, modern: architecture, culture, and identity

Leading researcher: Marta Prista
Research group: Practices and Politics of Culture
Type of project: Post-doctoral research
Status: Ongoing
Keywords: Memory | Heritage | Architecture | Modernism | Popular culture

Main institution: CRIA
Participant institutions: n.a.
Funding: FCT
Reference: SFRH/BPD/75978/2011
Starting date: 01-01-12

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Throughout the 20th century, architecture has been a subject and an object of representing national identity in the context of different processes of culture objectification. Its most significant discursive and material expressions were listed in the Portuguese Surveys on Popular Architecture (1955-1961) and on the Twentieth Century Architecture (2003-2006), making them privileged grounds for studying the relationships between built environment, cultural identity, and national heritage in Portugal. Such relationships are the chief focus of an anthropological research that aims to analyse the collective memory of a national architecture, and the social resonance of its objects and meanings in today’s processes of spacialisation. In order to do so, the echoes of the two surveys will be evaluated in representations of space within architecture’s social production and social construction, with emphasis on fields of practice such as housing, tourism and heritage.

Researchers from CRIA

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pub79*João LealSupervisorproj27*Popular, erudite, modern: architecture, culture, and identityPost-doctoral researchConcluded
pub135*Marta PristaResearch scholarproj27*Popular, erudite, modern: architecture, culture, and identityPost-doctoral researchConcluded
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