Environmental Anthropology and Behavioural Ecology Laboratory (LAE)

Head of laboratory: Amélia Frazão Moreira

Location: Av. Berna, 26C, NOVA FCSH, Lisboa

The Environmental Anthropology and Behavioural Ecology Laboratory (LAE) was founded in 2015 as a response to the need of storing, identifying and analysing the materials collected by researchers of the research group Environment, Sustainability and Ethnography.

LAE aims to support two main research activities:

  1. The treatment, preservation and study of biological specimens collected during research projects that constitute referential collections for future researches. The initial collection included a herbarium and a collection of seeds, summing up around 300 botanic specimens.
  2. Behavioural analysis of non-humans with special focus on non-human primates through the treatment and preservation of images registered in wild environments.

LAE is a place for researching on these different collections and databases, but also a structure that offers advanced training for graduate and post-graduate students who initiate their research careers, and PhD students hosted by the laboratory.