Immigrant motherhood at the cross-roads: engaging with self, others and the state

Leading researcher: Elizabeth Challinor
Research group: Governance, Policies and Livelihoods
Type of project: Researcher contract
Status: Concluded
Keywords: Immigrants | Motherhood | Portugal | Cape Verde

Main institution: CRIA
Participant institutions: n.a.
Funding: FCT
Reference: CONT_DOUT/119/CRIA/4038/10779/1/2008
Starting date: 01-07-09

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Main Objective: to develop a theory of the subject ethnographically grounded in Cape Verdean immigrantexperiencesofmotherhoodinPortugal. Specific Objectives: analyze the effects of different knowledge systems upon an evolving sense of self in the birth and motherhood narrativesof Cape Verdean immigrant women in Porto; explore the different bodily experiences of women before and during pregnancy and afterbirth; examine, over time, the variable meanings attributed by different social actors to notions of risk, intimacy and caring (forthe mother and child); Identify areas of consensus and divergence between Cape Verdean women and the differentsocial actors and institutions theyengage with; analyse the different kinds of claims that Cape Verdean women make upon relatives, friends,professionals and the state; examine the ways in which Cape Verdean women deal with dissension in their personal relations and in their relations with health professionals, child carers and state bureaucracy.

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