Evenings with Anthropology

Organisation: Sónia Vespeira de Almeida and Rita Cachado (CIES-IUL)

Started in 2014, these monthly meetings aim to discuss the ways that anthropologists deal with their ethnographic records and also to provide technical training through some informality.

Ethnographies are registered by several means, and there are many ways to archive collected data. Not rarely, anthropologists analyse their own more or less organised archives, but they share their results only scarcely. By the same token, only seldom do anthropologists talk about what they wish to do with their field notes, field images, drawings, maps, or even audio files.

Following an old idea of Rojer Sanjek, as data producers, anthropologists deal with a responsibility that not only regards their field(s), but potentially also regards society in general. Ethnographic data produced in the present can be future historic archives, that is, ethnographic archives can be regarded not only as academic heritage but also as cultural heritage.

The series Fins de Tarde com a Antropologia: Conversas sobre Arquivos Etnográficos (Evenings with Anthropology: Talks about Ethnographic Archives) aims to contribute to the debate on the anthropologist’s archives from a set of questions, including: What uses can we make from field notes? How do we organize field notes and other field materials? How should we organise digital files? To what point should fieldwork be sharable?