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Seminário “Extractive Development in Latin America: Gender, Resistance and State Control”

05/06/2018, 15:00

“Extractive Development in Latin America: Gender, Resistance and State Control”
Kalowatie Deonandan (Department of Political Studies, University of Saskatchewan)

5 de junho de 2018, 15h
Sala C4.02, Ed. II, ISCTE-IUL

Organização: GI Circulação e Produção de Lugares | CRIA


The explicit violence unleashed against land and environmental defenders opposed to extractive industry development is garnering global attention, especially in the wake of the murder of such  prominent activists as Honduras’ Berta Cáceres. Less known but equally significant are the more indirect forms of violence that target these defenders to neutralize or contain their activism. This analysis draws on Lara Coleman and Karen Tucker’s (2011) concept of “discipling dissent,” borrowed from Michel Foucault’s (1995)  “discipline and punish,” to examine the range of disciplinary tools marshalled against anti-mining activists.  Focussing on the disciplinary tactics of the state and its allies (for the national elites, transnational corporations, the military and the paramilitary forces), the paper argues that these strategies not only work to neutralize dissent, but their impacts are also gendered.


Kalowatie Deonandan is Professor in the Department of Political Studies at the University of Saskatchewan. Her earlier work focused on democratic transitions from authoritarian rule in Latin America and the Caribbean. Currently, her  research looks at mega-project development, in particular, large scale mining, and its impact on communities in the Global South, especially in Latin America. She is the author  several journal articles and book chapters as well as three co-edited volumes: Mining in Latin America: Critical Reflections on the New Extraction (2017),  Undoing Democracy: The Politics of Electoral Caudillismo in Nicaragua ( 2004) and  Revolutionary Movements to Political Parties: Case Studies from Latin America and Africa (2007) . Dr. Deonandan is currently an Associate Research Fellow at the Centre for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CERLAC) at York University in Toronto, a Research Associate with the Observatory on Canada-Latin American Relations (OCLAR) at Carleton University in Ottawa, a member of the editorial board  of the Canadian Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CJLACS),  and a former President and Vice-President of the Canadian Association of Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CALACS).


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