Dramaturgical atractions for the real: an ethnography of the actor-nonactor

Leading researcher: Teresa Fradique
Research group: Circulation and Place-Making
Type of project: Doctoral research
Status: Concluded
Keywords: Áctor-nonactor | Theatre | Dramaturgy | Real | Failure | Descending the stage | Ideologies of authenticity

Main institution: CRIA
Participant institutions: n.a.
Funding: FCT
Reference: SFRH/BD/85834/2012
Starting date: 01-01-13

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This dissertation examines the presence of non-actors in contemporary theater scene, asking the following question: why would a director dispense centuries of accumulated technical work on acting to replace it by untrained performers? As we acknowledge that these performers are considered to be representing the real, as they are asked to represent their self, we realize that a dramaturgical attraction for the real is established, introducing an artistic rupture based on the pursuit of new forms of staging authenticity. A rupture that values the specific performative nature of the actor-nonactor and is part of a wider process: the return of the real that emerged throughout the twentieth century, establishing new conventions for the artistic production. Another question, then, should be added to the first: what happens when an individual, who never entered on a stage before, agrees to participate in a professional performance that depends on his fragility and exposure? One of the main issues that will be addressed in this dissertation is the nature itself of the experience involved in the access by these actors-nonactors to the stage, noting that their biography is permanently crossing the dramaturgical dimension of the performance. To pursuit this goal I will be using data from ethnographic fieldwork conducted in the Lisbon area between late 2007 and mid 2015.

Researchers from CRIA

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pub79*João LealSupervisorproj133*Dramaturgical atractions for the real: an ethnography of the actor-nonactorDoctoral researchConcluded
pub183*Teresa FradiqueResearch scholarproj133*Dramaturgical atractions for the real: an ethnography of the actor-nonactorDoctoral researchConcluded
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