Diamang Digital

Leading researcher: Nuno Porto
Research group: Practices and Politics of Culture
Type of project: International project
Status: Concluded
Keywords: Angola | Diamang | Digitization | On-line archive

Main institution: Universidade de Coimbra
Participant institutions: CRIA, Museu do Dundo
Funding: Fundação ESCOM
Reference: n.a.
Starting date: 01-06-08

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The estate of the former Diamang – Company of Diamonds of Angola, held by the University of Coimbra, is composed of two distinct nuclei. A first nucleus is made up of materials archived in Lisbon, at the headquarters of the Cultural Services of the former Company, and includes an ethnographic collection, a bibliographic collection, an audiovisual collection (films, magnetic tapes and discs), a photographic collection and a collection of documents composed of reports of the sections related to the cultural activity of the former Company, namely that which was produced within the scope of the activities of the Dundu Museum. At the end of the nineties, a second documentary nucleus was added to the first nucleus, deposited in the UC by the company that succeeded, in Portugal, the destiny of the former Companhia de Diamantes de Angola, the Sociedade Portuguesa de Empreendimentos. This is a most varied documentation, which covers several other services of the former Company (Assistance and Propaganda for Indigenous Labor, Education, Doctors, Urbanization and Sanitation, to give some examples) as well as the company’s shareholders (Eg, the National Ultramarine Bank) or companies in which the former company was a shareholder (Angoil, Cervejang, or Cotonang, for example). Part of this documentation has been handled by researchers, and this has been the main criterion for disseminating online material. Making this documentary collection available on-line is the main objective of the digital diamang project.

Researchers from CRIA

IDNamePositionProjTitleProject typeStatus
pub145*Nuno PortoPrincipal investigatorproj334*Diamang DigitalInternational projectConcluded
pub210*Cristina Sá ValentimResearcherproj334*Diamang DigitalInternational projectConcluded
pub224*Tânia MadureiraResearcherproj334*Diamang DigitalInternational projectConcluded
Other researchers

André GranjoResearcherINET-mdproj334*Diamang Digital
Luís SerranoResearch scholarFCTUCproj334*Diamang Digital