Cristiana Vale Pires

Academic degree: Doctorate
Category: Associated researchers
Institutional subunit: ISCTE-IUL
Research group: Governance, Policies and Livelihoods
Thematic line:
Research interests: Ecovillages | Ecotopias | Care
Research contexts: Portugal
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Biographical note

Cristiana Vale Pires is graduated in Psychology (FPCE-UP), has a master degree in Anthropology: Globalization, Migrations and Multiculturalism (ISCTE-IUL) and holds an Anthropology PhD (ISCTE-IUL). She works in APDES as a professional working in community-based projects, team leader and researcher. In this ONG, she has been researching about drug use in party settings, new psychoactive substances and darknet, as well as on innovative intervention as Netreach — Web-based harm reduction interventions. Additionally, for her master and currently for her PhD studies, she has been working with intentional communities — mainly ecovillages, counterculture, permaculture and intentional lifestyle changing. She was integrated in the research team of “Care as sustainability in crisis contexts” (PTDC/CS-ANT/117259/2010) funded by FCT.

Cristiana Vale Pirespub485*2015Paper in proceedingsPIRES, Cristiana Vale, 2015, "Permacultura: consciência ética e mudança intencional de modos de vida", in Isabel Corrêa da Silva, Marina Pignatelli, Susana de Matos Viegas (orgs.), Livro de Atas do 1.º Congresso da Associação Internacional das Ciências Sociais e Humanas em Língua Portuguesa (XII Conlab), Lisboa, AICSHLP, pp. 5188-5190, E-ISBN:

IDResearcherPositionProjTitleProject typeStatus+
pub485*Cristiana Vale PiresResearcherproj11*Care as sustainability in crisis situationsNational projectConcluded+
pub485*Cristiana Vale PiresResearcherproj307*Ecotopias, environmentalism and care as sustainability; contributions from intentional communities, permaculture and lifestyle intentional changingDoctoral researchOngoing+
pub485*Cristiana Vale PiresResearcherproj364*Governação, transformações políticas e negociação de quotidianos: Portugal 2008-2018 (LiVEPOLITICS)National projectOngoing+